Facebook ads are growing in popularity now that brands are seeing how effective they can be.

But just like with any ads, you can’t just create an ad and expect to watch the dollars roll in. You have to work hard to create an ad that will get noticed and inspire action.

Just like with any aspect of online marketing, the ability to create a successful ad is more of an art than a science. However, here are a few things you can do to create Facebook ads that convert:

Use a Great Image

Facebook ads all include an image, and they are the first thing that most people see in the ads.

You need to include a great image in your ad if you want to attract the most people.

Make sure your picture is clear, professional and brightly colored. If you cannot take good pictures, hire a professional to take them. The investment will be well worth it.

Some things you can include in your images to get more attention include cute kids or pets, an attractive woman who is smiling, or anything that is surprising or unexpected. Add a text overlay to your image to really emphasize what you are promoting, such as a special discount or price.

Strengthen Your Call to Action

You are creating the ad to convince users to do something — make sure it is obvious what that something is.

Don’t expect your audience to know what you want from the ad. You need to actually spell it out by saying something like, “Click here to buy now” or “Get 20% off by signing up for our email list.”

Make your call to action strong by using highly descriptive words and the active voice. Also include some sort of urgency or personal appeal in the call to action, such as saying “Lose weight now with our supplements” or “Get this offer before it expires.”

You can even include a call to action button right in your ad. Facebook allows you to include this button with words like “shop now,” “book now,” “learn more,” and more.

Strengthen your ad by pairing it with a landing page that you have created especially for the offer.

You can create the entire landing page around the offer, including making it very easy for visitors to purchase.

With a dedicated landing page, you can also track the success of your ad a little easier. You know that all traffic to that site is coming from that ad, and you know that all sales coming from that page are coming from that ad.

Using a dedicated landing page can also make it easier for you to A/B test your ad for these reasons.

Narrow Your Targeting

One reason that Facebook is so popular for advertising is that it provides some great options for targeting your ads.

You can target users based on traditional demographic metrics like age, gender, marital status and location. But where you get even more options is in targeting users by their interests, such as what kind of apps they are using or pages they have liked.

If you prefer, you can create ads targeted at your own fans, ensuring that they see your special offer. Simply posting it on your page won’t always show up in the news feeds of all your followers.

Finally, you have the very powerful option of retargeting on Facebook. Retargeting shows ads to people who have already visited your site or looked at some of your products. The ads serve as a little nudge to take another look or to make the purchase they were already considering.

Include Conversion Pixels

In addition to their analytics, Facebook provides another way for you to track the success of your ads: Conversion pixels.

Just follow the easy instructions on the site for installing the pixels, and you’ll get information about what users do on your site after they click through on the ad.

With this data, you’ll have a better idea of what ads are working and what ads are not. You can run A/B testing to find out which elements are contributing to the success of the ad so that you know what to change.

Use Facebook Offers

Facebook Offers allow you to get more exposure for your promotions for free products.

For example, you might be offering a digital download for those who sign up for your email list. You can use the Facebook Offers feature to reach the largest segment of your followers to drive conversions.

In addition to using these tips, using intent based solutions can also help you to get more conversions. CodeFuel’s advertising platform is designed to maximize your results by placing the right ads on the right platforms, including on social media.