Aitarget’s how-to guide for fintech companies to improve their online marketing, address weaknesses, and outperform the competition

One Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi. Three seconds.

According to Facebook’s own data, that’s more time than the average social media user spends interacting with a piece of content. Scrolling through their News Feed, people spend on average only 2.5 seconds with a piece of content when on their desktop, and just 1.7 seconds on mobile.

Time is precious, our environment is fast-paced, and you have to quickly capture your potential audience’s attention. It’s vital that you interest the audience and encourage them to quickly make targeted actions on your website or app. Every moment of a video ad can drive value.

So how can fintech companies use their creative to entice users? Aitarget’s team of fintech advertising specialists ran an analysis of brokers’ creatives and uncovered what to do and what to avoid. So what are the things that most often prevent advertisers from gaining conversions?

To increase your ads’ chances to attract an audience and gain conversions, we’ve created this two-part guide with tips on creatives and examples of successful solutions and choices to avoid.

Use the three keys

From the start, check that you are using the three main advertising keys when it comes to gathering demo requests and website registrations: benefit, diversity, and persuasiveness.


First of all, explain the way in which your product is beneficial. This is the first lever: attract users’ attention to what it is you offer that can help them deal with their issues.

It is best to demonstrate specific opportunities and benefits, rather than saying something abstract or too general that won’t catch your audience’s attention or stand out as a solution.

  • Bad: We are the best international broker.
  • Better: We explain how to work with forex platforms to achieve revenue growth up to 200% a year.


Second, change your creatives regularly. Sticking with a video that once brought good results and just showing it many times over will cause banner blindness. Users will start ignoring ads which they repeatedly see or have gotten too used to.

The solution is to update your creatives constantly. Base your creatives on successful principles, but experiment a little too and try to avoid repetition or too much similarity.

But where can you get enough ideas to provide a range of different creative? A hot tip: don’t try to show all the advantages of your products, technology, or additional services in a single ad. Instead, share details about various aspects of the benefits you provide across several ads. You can demonstrate each of the advantages in more detail and target audiences more specifically.

Keep in mind that Facebook monitors the frequency of ad impressions from the same advertiser. This means that depending on ad placement, a user will see your ads no more than once each three to 12 hours.

  • Bad: A long video describing in detail 15 advantages of your platform. You invested a lot in production and the video is like a short movie about your company.
  • Better: 15 different creatives demonstrating the benefits of your product from various angles. Launch A/B tests to monitor which of them your audience perceives the best.


The third key: show don’t tell. Visual demonstrations are more effective than the most accurate written description of your product’s operating principles and advantages.

For example, show your app from different perspectives to assure your potential clients that you offer a convenient tool to help solve their problems and meet their objectives.

Following these three keys (benefit, diversity, visual persuasiveness) will improve your creatives regardless of your vertical. What follows is some further practical tips for fintech creatives.

Be eye-catching

Images are the first thing an audience pays attention to in digital advertising, because the rest is inconvenient to look at. Time matters, convenience is king: 70% of active Facebook users consume information on-the-run, 20% scroll their feed sitting in transport or standing in line, and only 10% devote their time to such content while sitting down somewhere, e.g. having coffee.

So we recommend that you strive for a higher-quality visual presentation of your ads and show your product’s abilities and benefits in a striking and visual way, so things come across clearly without additional text explanations.

In the forthcoming part 2 of this feature, we’ll share further practical tips for fintech companies looking to improve their digital marketing and drive higher conversions, including the correct use of text, dynamic formats, brand awareness, and the best way to use numbers in your creatives.