contests on fb blog header Contests and Promotions on Facebook

Is your Facebook page looking a little empty? It may be time to use a contest or a promotion to give your brand a boost. Here’s why we love using contests and promotions:

1. Facebook Contests give a tangible reason for your fans to get involved with you.
Once people start engaging with your page, then you have a list of individuals who feel strongly about your business. This is a great way to start a conversation with them and start building brand loyalty.

2. Popular contests can automatically spread your brand page
Explicitly asking your friends to share your promotion post goes against Facebook’s regulations, but there is nothing stopping them from doing it on their own. If a contest is very popular, there is a chance that your fans will spread it to their friends as well.

For many years, Facebook did not allow promotions on business pages. The rules were confusing and forced many page owners to rely on third-party apps to run any contests or promotions.

Thankfully, Facebook has since changed their rules regarding contests and promotions. Nowadays, businesses are allowed to run a page promotion as long as they abide by the following rules:

A. You are responsible for the entire operation
You need to make it very clear that Facebook is not affiliated with your contest and that you and your company are responsible for every single aspect of the operation. This includes legal issues like age and residency restrictions, any regulations around the prizes being offered, and so on.

B. Promotions must be done on brand pages, not on personal timelines
Promotions are not allowed on personal timelines, even if you make it clear that you are doing it on behalf of a company. Facebook brand pages are the only places you are allowed to have anything run.

C. Applicants CANNOT share to enter
No matter what your contest is about, applicants cannot enter it by sharing your post. However, applicants can like or comment on a page post to enter the contest.

Facebook’s full list of guidelines is here.