fbpostsgenerateleadsblogWith so many different social media platforms, it could be difficult deciding which ones are best for your business. However, with an average of 1.13 billion daily active users, there is one platform that is a must. What platform is that you ask? None other than Facebook.

By now, most businesses know that it is important to have a Facebook page. Get a lot of likes, post content here and go, get some positive reviews, right? Wrong! There’s a lot more to Facebook than gaining new fans and promoting your business. In fact, one of the latest and greatest uses for Facebook is gathering leads. How do you gather leads on Facebook? Here are a few different ways:

  1. Send users to a form on your website

A great way to collect leads on Facebook is by sending people to a lead-generation form on your website. This can be done by sharing content on your Facebook page which links directly to a specific landing-page. The form on the landing-page can include downloading an eBook or a checklist, signing up for an email subscription or simply to “get more information.”


  1. Post blog articles with a specific CTA

Another way to generate leads is by sharing a blog post on Facebook that includes a specific CTA, or call-to-action. You want to choose a blog with an exciting topic that will encourage users to click the post, read the blog, and find the CTA encouraging them to “learn more.”

  1. Include a CTA button on your Facebook page

Back in 2014, Facebook added a new CTA button for business pages. The button appears at the top of your Facebook page, just under the cover photo and is quite helpful in driving traffic to your website. The button options include: Shop Now, Contact Us, Call Now, Send Email, Sign Up and many others. This button can be changed as often as you would like and can link to a different page on your website each time.


  1. Facebook Lead Generation Ads

The newest and most effective way to gather leads from Facebook is through Lead Generation ads. These ads allow for the same targeting as most other Facebook ads but with a much bigger return.

With roughly 581 million “mobile-only” Facebook users, the goal of lead generation ads was to simplify the way mobile users fill out forms. How did they do it? For one, when the form is clicked, it stays right in Facebook, rather than taking the user to another web page. The form fields also auto populate with information users shared on Facebook, like name, city, and email address. As an added bonus for you, once the user submits the form, they can then click through to your website. And if that isn’t good enough, all of the leads gather right in Facebook, making it simple to download the leads and import them into your CRM.

Interested in seeing just how powerful lead generation ads can be? Check out this official Facebook case study created by Stream.

Now that you know how to use Facebook to collect more leads for your business, it is time to give it a shot. Post a landing page with a lead-gen form, share a blog article with a call-to-action, install the CTA button on your page and get a lead-generation ad up and running! And remember, once you receive a lead, be sure to contact them as soon as possible.

Stream’s Kick-Start Step:

Pin important posts (landing pages or blog articles) to the top of your Facebook page. That way no matter how much content is posted, that is the first thing people will see upon visiting your page meaning more clicks and more leads!