Facebook launched its platform over 12 years ago and since that time the social media giant has ballooned to over 1.71 billion monthly active users, with over 1.13 billion daily active users.

Users are uploading and sharing record numbers of status updates, photos, links, and videos. That said, if you’ve been a Facebook user for over a decade, are you aware of everything you’ve shared over the last 10 years?

Many people who were first adopters of Facebook were university and college students and likely leading very different lives than they are now. With that in mind, all those archaic, funny, inappropriate, and offensive Facebook posts are still available for friends, and perhaps the public, to view. That said, the funny photo you uploaded after a night on the town may not be so funny anymore, and perhaps your opinions on politics has changed in the last decade.

Here are some tips to clean-up your Personal Facebook Timeline:

  1. View Your Public Profile

The first step is to review what content you’re sharing publicly. While I’ve seen people set-up second Facebook profiles to view their personal Timeline as a non-friend, as well as ask friends to unfriend them, and then view their Timeline, there’s an easier way.

  • Navigate to your Timeline.
  • In the bottom-right of the cover photo click “…”

Facebook - View As

  • Then click “View As”
  • This view will allow you to view what you’ve shared publicly, including profile photos, cover photos, albums, and status updates.

If you’re worried about what you’re sharing publicly, read on.

  1. Limit Past Post Audience

As an intermediate solution, you can choose to limit the audience of past posts. This means that any posts that are “public” will now be updated to “friends only.”

  • In the top-right corner, click the triangle.
  • Then click “Settings
  • Under “Who can see my stuff?” select “Limit the audience for posts you’ve shared with friends of friends or Public”
  • Clicking “Limit Old Posts” will quickly update the privacy settings for all posts, rather than completing this task individually. Remember: people who are tagged and their friends may continue to see these posts.
  1. Review “On This Day” daily

Lastly, you can make cleaning up your Facebook profile a year long process by reviewing the “On This Day” daily. “On This Day” includes yours posts, and others’ posts you’re tagged in, and major life events. Take 5 minutes each day to review what you’ve been posting, and choose to delete, or update privacy settings on each of the posts.

To start reviewing your daily activity, click “On This Day.”

Completing these three steps will ensure that you maintain a clean and professional Facebook profile.

What are your favourite tips for managing your online brand?