I was asked recently to check out a Facebook business page, so I did what I would normally do – Google it. I plowed through top 3 pages of search engine result pages on Google, then I gave up- just like that.

To the business owner defense, his Facebook business page ranked on the first page of Google search result, which only hold true on his end- a common misconception. Here’s a quick explanation of why that may happened, Google split out different search query results based on an individual’s past searches, and other online indicators such as one’s social media interaction. For this particular business owner, he has searched for his business page dozens of times before on Google in the past months. So the when he typed in that specific query, Google knew he is looking for his kindergarten page, hence displaying his business page as number one on the search result page.

So the question goes, how could a newcomer like me find a specific business page on Facebook search bar and Google search with no prior exposure to a Facebook business page.

The answer: Facebook optimization.

A Case Study

Here’s what he had:

He runs a single location based kindergarten. He did what every business owners was ought to do, had Facebook page set up. From time to time he would posts updates on latest school activities, mostly of photos without much engaging captions.

He came to me with this question “Why I can’t view my Facebook Page when I logged out?” My initial reaction was that the setting must have been set to limited public view. Once properly set up, an immediate problem follows “Why can’t people find my Facebook page on Google and Facebook search?”

You’ve got it!

Facebook page optimization.

A Preliminary Look

On the superficial level of this fan Page, there’re lots of missing fields such as hours of operations, locations, about, mission and etc, all of which are used by Google to learn of your business. Then there’s the branding inconsistent with multiple duplicated pages and brand name inconsistency, causing confusing among users and search engine. Again, a common mistake that I’ve witness on both newly established and old Facebook business pages.

On-Page Optimization on Facebook Business Page

Just like how you would have on-page optimize for your business website to get the maximum exposure to the online crowd, Facebook on-page optimization serves the same purpose.

To start off with your Facebook Page optimization, I would suggest you to have a list of highly search keyword phrases for your niche in hand. This list of keywords are essential to what you are going to be working with majority of the time in Facebook page optimization and for your website optimization if you haven’t already. Talk about two birds in one stone.

Fill in the blanks

Let’s face it:

Business owners who leave their field blank on their page or worst provide the wrong kind of information — causing confusion to both Google and customers, is the reason why their Facebook page can’t be found. With insufficient information for Facebook and Google to crawl, they don’t know much about your business. How do you excepted Google and Facebook to put your seriously when they don’t even know what your business is about. By learning about your business they can match it to the appropriate search query terms.

So if you haven’t ready, fill in the correct information to the corresponding fields. Additionally, if you have a business that undergoes constant change, be surely to update to reduce frustration and confusion among your users.

So what does Google and Facebook really look for on your Facebook Business page?

Your Facebook business page name, about, mission, and company description.

When filling the missing fields, pull out the list of keywords that you have, and implemented these highly searched terms into the blanks.

I’m going to sound like a broken record, but I’m going to say it anyways.

Always, always and always incorporate your desire keyword in the most nature way, easy for human to read and digest. Rule #1 to your Facebook page optimization, an overlapping concept to your website optimization, many called it SEO.

Shall we give it a try?

You sell plus size women clothing and you want to fit in all the search terms in your about section in the most natural way.

The wrong approach for the About section would be stuffing all the keywords on your list.

We sell plus-size clothing, extra large, xxl, xxxl, tops,tank top, crop top, shorts, vintage shorts, tights, and accessories.

By doing so your business page looks SPAMMY to both customers and Google. Instead, try to concentrate on one keyword on your list say, “plus size” then your About would go something like this.

Plus size women clothing by PlusOne. Who says plus size can’t wear trendy fashionable clothing.

Doesn’t it sound much more personal? more natural? It is said that Google and Facebook take heavy weights on the first two words from the first sentence. In an ideal case, start off you ie About with a keyword would give Google and Facbeook an immediate understanding about your business. It’s alright if you can’t fit your keyword in the beginning of the sentences — don’t force it (remember Rule #1 ), there’s plenty of opportunity that you can fit those keywords.

For The Local Business Owners

Sounds like a no brainer here but if you are a location based business owner, remember to fill out your location(s) and hours.

After you input your business location, Facebook will automatically link the location to Google Map convenient for users to view. Less work for you =)

Protip: Set up a Google local business page, this way when your users are brought over to Google map from your Facebook Page, they would see the reviews and the high quality photos of your business. As a result it could drive up the chance for users to visit your storefront.

But what about multiple location based business?

This becomes a problematic because before you can optimize your multi-location business page you’d need to figure out the structure of your Facebook page. A topic that Facebook itself fail to provide much information on to the general public on “ How do I list multiple location on Facebook business page?” (link here for coming soon → subscribe page)

Dust off that hidden Facebook Feature

Introducing Facebook Notes:

An underused feature design for business owner to blog about their business and related topics. Oh and did I mention its free?

Thou Facebook comments and status allows up to 60,000 characters, NOTES is a platform where you can seriously write without much bell and whistle. Use this blogging platform to allows you to share behind-the-scene production to new product with the functionality to tag people and upload images. Notes is a great starting point for your new business as oppose to building a customize website, thou it is something to consider at a later stage for you business.

To add Notes to your Business Page, log into your admin page > go to tab > more > manage tab >add/remove tabs > Notes add app

This gets better, both Google and Facebook would crawl through your written contents, in the process, they would pick up keyword phrase or LSI that allows them to better understand of your business. As a result, your Facebook business page would rank for a higher position and easily be found on Facebook search.

Consistent Branding

A customer asked:

Does this Facebook belongs to (company name here)?

This tells me one things about this company branding.

Needs work, in fact LOTS of work.

No doubt, branding is by far the most important step for a company when establishing a social media connection with its audiences, yet lots of business fail to delivery strong brand image across the internet.

Here’s what you need to do for get your Facebook page brand down:

Your Facebook business page name ideally should have an exact match to your company name.

Notice how I use the word ideally, because it is highly possible that your company name has already been claimed by some other company with the same name on Facebook. To minimize brand confusion, come up with a list of slight variation of a Facebook business page name and see which one best represents your company name. Later, we would use other elements on your Facebook page to reinforce your company brand(more about this later).

Thou the first thing that Facebook looks for when it land on your page is your Facebook business page name, this isn’t to say that you should optimized the name with keywords. I know its tempting, but don’t, remain calm and display your company name to us.

Protip: If you have an establish company, and for any reason your trademark company name its been claimed on Facebook Page. Here’s how to claim your Facebook page

Duplicated Facebook Pages

Merge it, Delete it!

Whatever you do, keep your Facebook business page as one entity. Do a quick search on Facebook bar and see if there’s any possible duplicate Facebook page that you may had created or others had created from a long time ago. Once identify with the duplicated page you can request to delete the Facebook page as a whole, or you can choose to merge the duplicate Facebook pages.

Bring people to your Facebook Page

Lastly, you have backlinking as what the SEO expert calls it. The concept is simple, by sharing your Facebook page url on other websites, this would allow Facebook and Google to associated your business with the connected webpage.

Lets go back to the last example with the plus size women clothing store.

You would link and associate your Facebook business page to maybe a online blogger who happens to be a plus sizer. Or you would link your Facebook page to online plus size forum.

The more linking you connect your Facebook page to, the more Facebook and Google can understand your business.

Final Thoughts

As there’re many moving components to optimizing your Facebook Page, above are the efforts that you can do to bump up your page in search result page. Housekeep your Facebook page on a regular basis to keep your brand image and voice in line. Facebook is a platform that every business has but fail to make the best out of the page by optimizing its internal content. It takes time and constant updates to run a great branded Facebook page nevertheless, it’s a well-invested channel to gain and bond with your current and future customers.

Til next time,

Be found by your people.