In this post, I will be talking about how to use Facebook Messenger Bots to build a subscriber list. So why would you want to use Messenger Bots in your Facebook advertising to build a subscriber list? It is actually a pretty good strategy for some local businesses and smaller businesses that don’t have a sophisticated web presence and landing page. Smaller businesses may not have marketing automation and ways to capture and nurture those leads.

Let me show you what we’ve been doing, and you can probably apply this to your own business.

Here’s an example of an ad that we have been running. It’s an ad for a cheat sheet, a downloadable offer on How to Run Facebook Messenger Ads.

facebook messenger ad

What I’m telling the viewers of this ad is that you can get this formula sent to you right inside the Facebook Messenger. This doesn’t have to be a cheat sheet. This could be a coupon code, a two-week free trial for a local gym, an appetizer offer at a restaurant or this could be any other freebie that your target audience may like.

If they click “Learn More” (which is at the bottom of the ad), they will get an alert in their Messenger app, which opens up to this:

facebook messenger bot alert

Once they click “YES”, the Messenger bot that we’re using recognizes that they want to get this cheat sheet. It will give them the link to get the 3-Step Formula.

facebook messenger bot 3-step formula

When they click that link, it automatically opens the Facebook ad cheat sheet that I promised, right there.

Facebook advertising cheat sheet messenger bot

But what I want you to understand is that they didn’t fill out any forms. They didn’t even need to type in their name and email address. They never left Facebook Messenger and they got what I promised them that they would get. This is pretty interesting. There is no need for a landing page or any sophisticated auto-responders or email marketing, right?

Another notable thing is that these people who responded to my Facebook ads are now in my subscriber list inside my Facebook Messenger bot. This means I can continue to communicate with them, which is pretty similar to my email marketing subscribers.

subscriber list in Facebook messenger bots

This could be a really cool tactic for your business so go ahead and try. I mean, it’s working for us. We are still experimenting and testing just to see what it’s like communicating with Facebook Messenger subscribers versus our email subscribers. But I can tell you that we get a much higher open rate and engagement rate with Messenger subscribers right now. Our email subscribers list is at 20 to 30% open rate while our Facebook Messenger List is more like 80 to 90% open rate. That’s pretty good!

This is a really good tactic for local businesses. This is also great for a business that can’t afford to hire somebody to build landing pages and email automation campaigns.