Lead generation through Facebook advertising

Ads you see in the Facebook News Feed may look a lot like display ads, and they can help you to grow brand awareness and interest from your target audience. But did you know Facebook advertising can also help you generate leads and sales? Here are a few things to know in order to set up an effective lead generation campaign on Facebook.

Drive Users to a Conversion-Optimized Website

Having a robust website that provides additional, helpful information about your business and contains a website form and a phone number is a perfect complement to your Facebook advertising when you’re trying to generate leads. Look at running a Website Clicks campaign to bring Facebook users to your website, and ensure the contact methods on your website or landing page are paired with a strong call to action that gets users to take the next step to become your customer. If your ads contain any offers or speak to specific products or services you offer, make sure those details are also featured on your landing page so you’re creating a consistent user experience.

Generate Leads Directly Through Facebook

If your website is not ideal or set up to capture leads, or if you simply want to provide a more streamlined user experience on Facebook itself, a Local Awareness or Lead Ads campaign can help you to generate leads, calls, and visits directly from Facebook. Local Awareness campaigns drive users to call or visit your business immediately, while Lead Ads enables users to complete a form submission without ever leaving the News Feed. This type of campaign reduces the steps needed to capture interested prospects and turn them into leads.

Hone in On the Right Audience

No matter what type of campaign you’re running, Facebook provides a lot of powerful targeting capabilities, so it can be a challenge to know exactly what’s best for your advertising campaign. Here are few key targeting tactics to think about:

  • Local Consumers: Facebook allows you to choose one or more locations to target. It can include specific zip codes or a radius around a specific location, a city, state, or country.
  • Age or Gender Demographics: If your products or services appeal to certain types of users, you can specify age range or gender to make sure your ads reach the most interested users.
  • Recent Website Visitors: If you already generate a lot of visits to your website, you can retarget those users when they’re on Facebook to encourage them to complete a conversion.

Consider Your Call to Action

Whether you’re trying to drive calls, website visits, or Facebook form submissions, using the right call to action is imperative. For a Local Awareness campaign, you can only choose between Call Now or Get Directions, since the goal is to bring people to your business right then and there. But if you’re using a Website Clicks or Lead Ads campaign to drive online leads, options for CTA buttons include:

  • Apply Now
  • Learn More
  • Contact Us
  • Sign Up
  • Book Now

Keep in mind the goal of your campaign when selecting a call to action for your ad, so the users you’re reaching with your ad are compelled to take action, like calling you or completing a form.

Now that you see how Facebook can be used to generate leads, it’s time to get started creating your Facebook advertising campaign. Dive into our complete guide to Facebook advertising.