Did you ever come across two people at loggerheads over the number of Facebook Likes? Well, I am not insane nor the persons that I was just trying to describe here. These days, people are boasting off and barking at each other over the number of Facebook Likes. In fact, Facebook Likes have become some kind of modern status symbol and sometimes more than that. However, do not brand me as a Facebook hater. I am a big fan of Facebook and devoutly believe that more Likes do mean more engagement and appreciation.

But doubts still linger large in the backdrop. Like any other marketing medium, it can be screwed to achieve one’s objective. However, this is not the only thing that irritates me. What irks me is that you cannot relate between a spike in Facebook Like and sales volume. So, what good are these Likes if they do not make any impact on the actual revenue system? This is a valid question and here in this article, we are trying to gauge the real value of a Facebook Like:

It is Not Always Recommendation

The best thing and also the worst thing about Facebook is that it does not have a “Hate” button. So, when you are not pleased with an update, you are left with no option but to post an angry comment against the update. However, not all the people are that smart. I know some people in person who are in the habit of Liking everything even when they do not agree with an update. Since people are too lazy to take the pain to comment to express their feeling, they take the shortcut and press the Like button. That being said, we can safely come to the conclusion that the number of Likes cannot be taken as a powerful metric to determine the popularity of a brand.

It Can Be Gamed

A recent study revealed that Facebook has 83m fake accounts and the number is on the rise. Since there are a large number of fake accounts available, the system can be gamed easily. I mean when I see a new brand gaining traction in Facebook, doubt creeps into my mind. There are two ways you can get thousands of Likes – either your updates are super awesome or you are gaming the systems by doing some sneaky things like “Facebook Like Exchange”,   “Facebook Visitors Exchange” and more. So, it is quite tough to say at the very first glance whether the Likes accrued are genuine or fake.

Edge rank

There is a correlation between the number of Likes and Edge rank. The higher the number of Likes, the greater the possibility of scoring high in Edge Rank.   So, there is at least one real worth of acquiring more Likes; yeah, it will help your brand secure higher ranking when searched on Facebook.

Likes are Influential Sometimes

Yes, believe it or not, Likes sometimes influence buying decision of people. People are most likely to buy a product recommended by their friend on Facebook rather than taking a decision after reading some reviews online. So, if the Likes are genuine, you can see some improvement in the sale volume to some extent at least.