The “Logout Experience” Ads Offer Premium Facebook Real Estate

At the Facebook Marketing Conference (fMC – Feb 29th 2012), Facebook announced a number of changes to it’s available business solutions. Among the new Premium advertising features was mention of a “Logout Experience” advertisement space.

While at the time, there were no examples, here is a great screenshot I captured this morning.

Facebook Logout Advertisement

Business advertisers may purchase the “log-out ads” as part of a bundle with their “home page ads” both of which are exterior to the logged-in user experience.

These ads alone are estimated to reach 37 million people per day and are some of most prime real estate on the web at this time (with few other distractions on the page).

Adage estimates that the combined home/logout ad package runs a brand about $700,000 – 770,000 per day.

Even Microsoft has been drawn to these ads and recently had their search engine, Bing, featured on Facebook’s logout.

While banner advertising may be a model that has conversion issues at times… I got a feeling that ads this big are getting seen! I know I didn’t miss this one!

The real test of Facebook’s ad platform will be if it manages to find a way to generate effective mobile ads without driving off the readers. As no one has yet accomplished this well in the social space, it remains to be seen.

Do you think these ads are effective for the companies purchasing them?

PS: This was one of several new changes to the premium advertising model on Facebook. It’s obvious that Facebook has geared itself to let brands know that the optimum ROI will come from utilizing the free platform blended with paid promotions.