Do you currently maintain a personal Facebook profile for your cat? Or have a second profile with a fake name just for logging in to other sites? If so, your account will soon be disabled by Facebook.

There are more than 83 million fake accounts Facebook wants to disable, according to CNN Tech. Earlier this month Facebook updated their regulatory filing which now states that 8.7 percent of its 955 million monthly active users are actually duplicate or fake accounts. Moreover, duplicate accounts make up for 4.8 percent– equivalent to 45.8 million accounts– of Facebook’s total “active” member tally. Although Facebook has rules that restrict users from making more than one personal account, clearly their prevention methods are falling short.

Facebook has divided up all identified duplicate and fake accounts into three categories: duplicate accounts, misclassified accounts (accounts that have been made for pets, groups or companies) and undesirable accounts (accounts created for the purpose of spamming.)

For all discovered false accounts, Facebook plans to wipe all the information associated with the name from public view. If this happens to your account, Facebook will not all allow you to create another account without their permission.

Good news: For the few people that are hard-pressed on maintaining their cat’s identity on Facebook, the option to create a Facebook public figure page is always there.

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