Romeo, little black dog social media, likes Facebook's new adsRomeo thinks this new Facebook search idea has real possibilities

Social media networks and news reports of all kinds are all abuzz about Facebook’s big announcement yesterday concerning their new search capability. What has our team abuzz is that people seem to be so surprised by Facebook’s decision to add search to the platform’s capabilities. When you think about the number of Facebook posts added every day, surely we all knew search would be necessary eventually. After all, Twitter has search capabilities; and we know Facebook must rise to the challenge posed by Google!

Facebook has been hiring engineers from Google for months. Facebook has been upgrading their paid advertising options. Anyone who can add two and two should have seen this coming. The name of the search function is surprising. We might have expected “Facebook Search.” Our team actually expected something a bit more exciting. Yet, in the long run, what matters will be functionality. And that certainly appears to be different.

The ability to search across text, photos, people, places, and more among your connections points to a very robust opportunity. This type of search certainly seems to create the possibility for very nuanced advertising options in the future. This is our team’s prediction for the next announcement from Facebook.

The fact that the function will be introduced very slowly and that it is still in “beta” is actually encouraging because it should indicate that the engineers and product developers are open to some suggestions and requests from the Facebook community.

Although we were not surprised that Facebook is adding such a powerful search function, we will be surprised if Facebook does not find a way to monetize this addition with super-targeted advertising programs.

What do you think about Facebook’s new search capability? Is your office all abuzz about Facebook? Will you try to share your thoughts with the developers? How do you see this capability enhancing your Facebook strategy? Tell us what you think!