Facebook Lead Ads to Change How Users Fill Out Forms on Mobile

facebook-lead-adsDid you hear? Facebook is changing. Again. Before you start groaning or dreading another algorithm change, just wait. This is one update that we are really excited about.

On June 25, Facebook announced an update to its mobile platform that will make marketers tingle. Called lead ads, the update is designed to make it easier for users to fill out forms on Facebook.

What Is Facebook’s Lead Ads?

This is the short of it: what makes this launch so potentially profitable is the comparison to other mobile lead generating platforms. Most mobile opt-ins require you to leave the native application, fill in some more information, and then switch between your web-browser, apps and other 3rd parties. This is simple, though. Facebook mobile lead ads allow users who want to opt-in, receive a call later, sign-up or subscribe to do it all from the native Facebook app.

This is so simple that you have to wonder why this is a new thing and Facebook didn’t simply do this ages ago. In the same way that using Indeed’s “Apply Now” button allows you to skip the painful process of re-entering all of your contact info and work history–which is already listed in your resume–Facebook allows users to skip the frustration of re-typing their contact information on a tiny keyboard into a tiny form.

facebook lead ads image

This may not seem like a big step, turning a contact form into just one or two clicks, but for our instant-gratification culture, anything will help. I get slowed down when Google Chrome tries to auto-fill my personal data with the wrong information or when Apple auto-correct tries to change the spelling of my name from “Cam” to “can”. With this update from Facebook, I’m in the clear.

How Will This Impact Marketing?

For marketers and business owners, the ability to reach new customers on their phones and generate useful leads with just a “Tap, Tap, Done” (as Facebook refers to it) is a tremendously powerful tool.

I consulted with Jon Loomer, an expert on the matter. (OK, so I just tweeted at him and he happened to get back to me. We’re not, like, friends or anything. Yet.), Jon said he’s not quite sure how much this new feature will cost, but it will for sure be a steep markup from what you’re currently paying per click or like. That’s ok, though. What you’re getting is so much more valuable than a “like”.

Real-time leads through Twitter users’ conversations, LinkedIn professionals’ business habits, and now, through Facebook’s highly-targeted, location specific (if you want) mobile lead ads are making lead-generation marketing more advanced than ever previously thought possible.

I’m still waiting on flying cars, though. Oh, and hoverboards. Come on Doc Brown! It’s 2015!

Image courtesy of Facebook for Business