aunt linda, kristen wiig, snl, saturday night live, nbc, weekend updateWhen posting updates to your Facebook page, it is important to know what not to post. Certain posts will alienate your followers or leave them bored or even antagonized. If you want to make your Facebook page a source of new customers and loyal followers, here are eight updates to avoid.

Negative Comments About Your Competition

Telling people to avoid a place won’t necessarily keep them away from that location, but it certainly won’t bring them to your business either. Trash talking the competition creates a negative environment for your Facebook page and people don’t want to feel negative all the time. Instead, focus on the positive things that your business brings to the table.

Too Many Updates

Unless you have super creative posts every two minutes, posting too often will make your followers ignore you, and they’ll miss the most important thing you had to say. Limit your posts to a couple times a day at most, and make sure they contain creative engaging content.


If you already posted something on Instagram or Twitter, you don’t need to post it on Facebook too. This goes hand in hand with the “Too many updates” faux pas, you don’t want to over-saturate your followers or it will have a negative effect. The best thing to do with all the options for social media is to figure out which medium your customer base uses most and stick to that particular one for the majority of you status updates.

Encouraging People to Like Your Page or Comments

To your fans this screams that you are needy and trying way too hard to get free advertising. If people like your product they will let you know by “liking” it on their own terms. How many likes you get on an update without begging for them, can point you in the right direction of what actually grabs potential customers’ attention and with that information you can focus on what works.

Promoting Only Your Business

Facebook is a social medium and can be a great tool for people that want to find the best services around. Word of mouth is hands down the most impactful form of advertising, negative or positive. So, if you enjoyed your time at the local bowling alley, let the Facebook fans of your restaurant know about it, and the bowling alley will likely send their patrons your way.

Irrelevant Status Updates

Your business should have a voice. It’s part of your brand image and is a great way to get customers to connect to your brand. However, that voice shouldn’t be spouting off on things that don’t matter. If “What are you doing this weekend?” or “Anybody watching the Super Bowl on Sunday?” are annoying posts from old middle school friends that you don’t talk to anymore, than chances are you are annoying your followers even more.

Irrelevant #Hashtags

Things like #smh or #yolo can distract customers from what’s really important in your post. Relevant hashtags that can drive traffic to your site are encouraged; however, I have yet to see a large amount of traffic steered to any of my pages through hashtags and they tend to look silly on Facebook. I did see a recent post by Erin Ryan takes a look at the effectiveness of Facebook hashtags. which suggests the effectiveness of hashtags varies greatly on the type of hashtag and its relevance to the status. Monitor the success of hashtagged posts compared to non-hashtagged posts and compare the traffic generation. If you notice a steep increase in traffic, higher engagement, or even success of competitor’s hashtags, continue the practice.

Liking Your Own Posts

Obviously you like your own post or why would you have put it up in the first place? Commenting on your own post should be shied away from also. Reserve your comments to answer questions or thank followers for sharing their thoughts and/or concerns. Use your “likes” to help out other local businesses and you will likely see the favor returned.

Focus on what your customers and followers want and stay positive and you will see great results from your Facebook page. Avoid these eight post updates and your business will become a favorite with your fans.

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