Facebook is a notoriously consumer-oriented social media platform. In my experience, customers want to know that they can interact with a real company and real people, not automated message systems. Facebook isn’t only great for small business branding and customer engagement; it’s also great for customer support. Instead of floundering during peak busy times, get organized and efficient with the right online custom support software and social media strategy.

1. Turning Customers Into Advocates

Small businesses should have a Facebook account that reaches local audiences, not the masses. Engage with your followers and fans on social media platforms. Keep social influences going by turning customers into advocates, and interact with customer’s friends and family.

2. Triaging Customer Issues Via Social Channels and Traditional CRM Systems

You don’t have to isolate customer service from the rest of your business. Instead, integrate the power of social media influence and your customer support strategy with help desk ticketing systems that are prepared for the age of social media. In fact, there is no better place to answer customer complaints than on Facebook. Show that you are a real company that responds to customer concerns.

3. Personify Your Company With Social Media

Facebook gives your small business more than the opportunity to post pictures and logos. Instead of only giving customers a vague idea of what your small business is all about, you can strengthen your brand’s persona on Facebook with one-on-one interactions that are not directly related to business. By “humanizing” your business, you can gain customer trust.

4. Build a Community Around Your Business

The best part about social media marketing is that you can build an online community around your brand. Increase levels of customer engagement by offering a comfortable place for users to interact with you and with each other. Increase customer loyalty by engaging with customers on an everyday basis instead of only talking with customers when addressing issues related to customer support.

5. Climb SEO Rankings With Social Media Influence

Through the proper use of social media, a small business can drive qualified traffic directly to its website through their Facebook page. Sending qualified web traffic to your site can help your SEO rankings by avoiding high bounce rates, when users click on your site and click the back button a few seconds later, as well as increase your bottom line.

6. Your Competition Might Already Be on the Social Media Scene

It doesn’t matter whether your direct competition has a Facebook page or not. You need to focus on how social media will help your small business succeed. The right social media strategy coupled with the right help desk software can help you connect with your target audience in a more effective and personal way.

7. Show Clients and Customers Your Brand Every Day

Keep your Facebook audience in the loop with posts, updates, and shares. Show that you are more than a faceless business by having a strong social media presence. Make it easy for existing customers to like your page and share their thoughts about your small business.

8. Scale With Online Custom Support Software

I’m not going to lie, the thought of providing customer service through social media can look like a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be. Getting the right help desk software like Cayzu will help you scale your business through Facebook. Create the right brand persona, and create real connections with real people on social media. Put your customer service initiatives in the forefront of your organization and let everyone see how eager you are to please through Facebook.