Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a way to tap into Facebook’s massive user base to market your app in a seamless way? While you can certainly take advantage of Facebook’s traditional PPC ad format to market your app through the social network, there is another option – Facebook mobile app install ads. Essentially, these are supposed to work similarly to the network’s normal PPC ads, but allow the user to tap on the ad to be taken directly to your app’s download page on either Google Play or Apple’s App Store.

These ads differ from traditional Facebook ads in another important way – they’re delivered to mobile users on their device through the Facebook app. That means you get access to mobile users where they live, further reducing the barriers to them downloading your app now.

Of course, there are several things you’ll need to know about this solution before you hop aboard the bandwagon.

Facebook Mobile App Install Ads

Know Power Editor

If you’re going to create a Facebook mobile app install ad, you’re going to need to learn how to use the Power Editor. To access the editor, you’ll need to go to your Facebook homepage, then to ads manager and finally to Power Editor.

Know the Components

Each mobile ad is comprised of three components – the graphic, the headline text and the parameters you choose for targeting your audience. Test each of these singly to ensure that each has a positive effect on your results.

Your Graphic Matters Most

Just like traditional Facebook ads, the graphic portion of your mobile install ad matters the most, so put enough time into graphic development that you have something that appeals to your audience and is relevant to your app. Also note that only 20% of the graphic can contain text, so you’ll need to make your words count.

Your Words

Your text message must be evocative, concise and still manage to incite curiosity and interest in your viewers to get them to tap on the ad and visit your download page.

Headlines Count

While the graphic you use with your ad will be responsible for capturing the attention of your audience, your headline will be responsible for telling them what’s in it for them – why should they bother with your app when there are hundreds or thousands of others?

Parameters Let You Target

Targeted advertising is essential to reaching your audience at scale. The parameters you set will help or hinder your targeting efforts. The Power Editor lets you save demographic settings and apply them to other ads later on.

Track and Measure

As with any other ad platform, it’s essential that you track and monitor your results so you can fine-tune your ads and entire campaigns based on what works and what doesn’t work. You can use the Facebook SDK for iOS if you’re using the Apple App Store, or you can use a third party solution for tracking performance in Google Play. In both situations, you need to have a baseline against which to measure your results.

Facebook mobile install ads can be valuable additions to your marketing arsenal, allowing you to reach mobile users right through their devices, but you do need to ensure that you’re using the platform correctly.

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