actionable tips for facebook messenger marketing

If you’re new to using chatbots to broadcast messages in Facebook Messenger for up to 8x higher engagement rate than email, you’ve found the place to start.

Executing even a few of the tactics in this Facebook Messenger marketing playbook will have you feeling like a unicorn superhero:

  1. Build a chatbot in 5 minutes.
  2. Convert email subscribers into Messenger contacts.
  3. Promote blog posts with Messenger ads.
  4. Chat blast and RSS blast!
  5. Do a quick survey in Messenger.
  6. Add a comment guard to grow Messenger contacts.
  7. Set up nurturing drip campaigns.

Find sample bots throughout.

1. Build a chatbot in 5 minutes

Super-actionable superpower: Next-level engagement

unicorn chatbot

Facebook Messenger chatbots can:

  • Collect lead info
  • Automate messaging blasts
  • Collect survey data
  • Support higher ad ROI
  • Answer FAQs

Building chatbots with the powerful and easy-to-use chatbot builder is a breeze. You can build bots in a visual drag-and-drop editor in five minutes with ease.

The workflow is simple:

  1. Create a blank page
  2. Add content using widgets
  3. Add keyword triggers
  4. Test your bot

Creating your first chatbots, you might start with a few that:

  • Collect contact info
  • Subscribe users to updates
  • Customize the welcome chat page to segment users by interest
  • Answer FAQs about the company, directions, hours

2. Convert email subscribers into Messenger contacts

Super-actionable superpower: Contact list growth hack

email contacts to messenger subscribers

List building is always a key component of marketing strategy.

We’ve discovered two hacks you can use to convert your own email subscribers into Messenger subscribers.

  1. Click-to-Messenger ads
  2. Link to Messenger in email blasts

To pull off these tactics:

  1. Create an opt-in page to sign up Messenger subscribers.
  2. Test your opt-in page, set up keyword triggers, the usual.
  3. Send this link to all your email subscribers in an email blast and include it in your email signature.
  4. Create a custom audience in Facebook Ads, sending traffic to your Messenger opt-in page.

3. Promote blog posts with Messenger ads

Super-actionable superpower: Next-level engagement

messenger quick question

If you’re running Facebook ads, you’re going to love this new ad format.

Traditional Facebook ads that send traffic to your website often look like this:

  1. You paying $5-$7 per result.
  2. The traffic to your site is anonymous.
  3. The traffic to your site leaves without a trace and can’t be contacted later.

Punch up your ad performance with a new ad format: click-to-Messenger ads.

You’ll love these results:

  1. Lower cost per result, in the neighborhood of $2-$3
  2. Higher conversion rate, every click is a new Messenger contact
  3. Contact information with the opportunity to follow-up

4. Chat blast and RSS blast!

Super-actionable superpower: Next-level engagement

The ability to chat blast contacts, like email blasting but in Messenger, is a key use for chatbots.

But chat blasting has a superpower compared to email blasting — all the engagement.

If you’re sending email blasts to blog subscribers, give chat blasts a go and witness open rates and engagement like you’ve never seen before.

There’s a couple ways to chat blast your contacts:

  1. Chat blasts you design
  2. Automated chat blasts powered by RSS feed

To design your own chat blast, create a chat page with your content and link to your blog post.

Then use the chat blaster to select the audience to receive the chat blast, and send immediately or on a schedule.

Another powerful chat blasting feature is the RSS blog blaster. It’s easy to hook up your blog RSS feed and select an audience of subscribers, then set the blog blaster to go automatically with every new post.

5. Do a quick survey in Messenger

Super-actionable superpower: Next-level engagement

If you value customer data (duh) and want to do surveys to collect data, you need to move to quick surveys in Messenger now.

Unlike email surveys, Messenger surveys:

  • Are quick to fill out
  • Are made for mobile
  • Never get stuck in spam
  • Provide you with data linked to customer profiles
  • Get high response rates

Messenger surveys collect survey data in conversational and mobile-friendly chat. They get better response rates and — this is huge — allow you to follow up with future messaging.

And all you have to do to distribute a Messenger survey is:

  1. Create pages to ask your questions.
  2. Save responses as attributes to your contacts.
  3. Follow-up with future messaging tailored to their interests.

6. Add a comment guard to grow Messenger contacts

Super-actionable superpower: Contact list growth hack

unicorn post autoresponder

When you’re in contact growth mode, you’ll love the comment autoresponder for growing your Messenger contact list.

In three steps you can use a Facebook post autoresponder to engage and gain Messenger opt-in:

  1. Use the Comment Guard feature to create a new post autoresponder.
  2. Give your Comment Guard a descriptive name and add the chat text new contacts see when they comment on your Facebook post.
  3. Select the Facebook Messenger chat page a user will go to from there to funnel people through your content experience.

7. Set up nurturing drip campaigns

Super-actionable superpower: Lead nurturing leaderboard

facebook messenger drip campaigns

Drip campaigns are powerful marketing tools.

Create a sequence to nurture leads from first hello to die-hard fan, or new user to pro.

When you set up the sequence, every person added to the audience receives the sequence starting the moment they join.

When you add in audience segmentation and sending relevant, dripped content based on interest and need, you’ve created an effective lead-nurturing machine.

It’s easy to create a drip campaign in MobileMonkey in three steps:

  1. Create an audience segment
  2. Build the pages for dripping
  3. Build the drip campaign.

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