In the world of social media marketing, Facebook has been a staple in many business’ strategies for several years. And while many page managers can navigate and use their Page’s features with ease, every now and then some hidden gems fly under the radar. You know, the kind you see later and say, “I didn’t know you could do that!” To help you maximize the effectiveness of your brand’s Facebook Page, here’s our list of some useful Facebook features you might not know about:

Page Manager App

As a social media manager, your job requires you to be in-tune with the social media world all around the clock, wherever you go. However, managing your brand’s Page from a mobile device can often be frustrating. With Facebook’s Page Manager App, you can:

  • View your latest Page Insights
  • Post updates, photos, and respond to comments as your Page
  • Schedule posts for the future
  • Save a shortcut to your Page on phone’s home screen
  • And more!

The Facebook Pages Manager App is available on the App Store and Google Play.


Post Embedding

Ever wanted to include that Facebook post from your Page in your latest blog post? With Facebook’s post embedding, now you can. To embed a post on your site, hover over the post you’d like to embed and click the grey drop down arrow in the upper right corner. Once you’ve done that, select “Embed Post,” copy the embed code, and paste it into your website’s source code. Now, readers can comment, like, and share the post, as well as like your Page, all without needing to go on Facebook.

Expert Advice: Try using this for any Facebook promotions your Page runs!


Schedule Posts

Rather than using a third-party content management tool like HootSuite or Buffer, Facebook now let’s you schedule posts directly through your Page. To schedule your posts, simply click on the clock icon in the bottom left corner of your status update.  There, you can select the date and enter the time you would like that post to be shared.

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Pages to Watch

Ever wonder how your Facebook Page stacks up against your closest competitors? With the Pages to Watch feature, you can track the weekly growth of 5 different competitors’ likes and compare it to your own. To add Pages, simply look under your Admin Panel, and hit the “Add 5 Pages” button. Unfortunately, likes are the only metric it tracks right now, but hopefully more will be added in the future.


When Your Fans Are Online

Even if you have the best content in the world, if you’re promoting it at the wrong times, it won’t be effective. Before introducing this feature, marketers had to rely on their own testing or third-party tools like Likealyzer to figure out the optimal posting times. However, now Facebook will show you which day and time has the most Facebook traffic by your fans. To find out when your fans are online, view your Page’s Insights, and then click on the “posts” tab.


Star Ratings

Over the years, social networks have grown to become a go-to source for information and advice from our peers. Sites like Yelp and Google+ have exploded in popularity, and checking reviews online has almost become a custom for anyone shopping for a new product or service. With the new star ratings, Facebook users can get the information they need without having to use a third-party. If you don’t have the five-star rating on your Page, it’s as easy adding your address to your Page.


Reposition photos

Recently, social networks have started to become more and more visually oriented to better match consumers’ appetites for visual content. However, sometimes when you post a picture on Facebook, it doesn’t quite show up the way you had planned. If your photo is too big or too small, the image can get cut off or off-centered. If this happens, after sharing your photo, click the post’s grey drop down arrow and select “Reposition Photo.” From there, you should be able to get it to look just how you want.


Do you know of any others? Share them in the comments below!

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