facebook outreach

Facebook is massive in stature and more so as a social platform. This is one channel which has diligently been connecting friends, families, workplaces and even businesses— across the globe— non-stop for more than a decade. With Facebook being such a popular social networking arena, many entrepreneurs are constantly trying to leverage the same for its business-centric undertones and enviable collection of databases.

However, one of the many problems faced by entrepreneurs over Facebook is their inability to expand the outreach. Facebook has a massive conglomerate of individuals and it actually becomes hard to locate the preferred audience base for your marketing campaign. You must understand that a product or service might not cater to a select few and therefore shouldn’t even reach them over Facebook.

This post will readily explain the 7 ideas which can help you with your business outreach—restricted due to certain unperceivable reasons.

Engage Readers with Images

Facebook advertisements using images function under a 20 percent text rule. This actually means that Facebook prefers your images to be text-free, when advertisements are concerned. However, being minimalistic with the texts is also an option provided you are not spamming users with a lot of words. Image-based ads are meant to be clean for a higher delivery rate.

If images are uploaded on this social platform, via the Power Editor— the ones with a lot of texts will be warned about.

Then again, cleaner images come with a lot of advantages. They work as better call to actions as users get the actual message without focusing way too much on the words. Quite fittingly, the picture can actually say a thousand words.

Consider Automatic Bidding as an Option

The best part about Facebook is that it can optimize your company-specific bids for you to get hold of better conversions. CPA bidding or cost per acquisition is of paramount importance on Facebook and the rates keep on changing, each day. This social platform can actually determine the best set of conversions for you and allocate the budgets, via automatic bidding.

This approach actually works even when the market gets competitive and the rates are expected to be higher than usual. This is the time when we should count on Facebook and go with their bids. Facebook’s customized bidding allows you to keep the traffic intact, facilitating great number of sales within a lower margin. Facebook actually cares about your business. We just need to respect its decision— at least when automatic bidding is considered.

Leverage ‘Automatic Target Placement’ for a Better Outreach

Here is a new feature from Facebook that places targets for you, based on your preferences. Launched recently, this attribute is actually making a lot of news courtesy the success stories shared by the businesses. However, you must look to make use of this unique feature by opting for a different bid that fits the placement. The budget strategy also needs to be revamped according to the preferences.

Facebook offers a pre-defined ad format and while using automatic placements you need to look for strategic and myriad ad distributions.

Lastly, Facebook has actually optimized this feature in such a manner that automatic placements of targets readily enhance the reach of your advertising campaign. For example, if a service-centric business is working towards informing millennials about using WhatsApp over PCs or leveraging Kik online via a web-based console—in that case Facebook will automatically place the ads to specific targets, including some of the potent social channels with a younger customer base.

Keep Ads from Overlapping

If you are looking to reach more number of people, you shouldn’t let the adds overlap. The concept of overlapping comes to play when multiple ads from the same company compete for a common goal. If two advertisements from the same company target the same result, it gets hard for the system to keep prices in check.

The overall reach will surely take a hit on adopting this approach. Self-conflicting ads are no good to a company’s revenue model and even the social outreach.

Refrain from Making a Lot of Changes

If you are looking to target customers and increase the reach on this social platform, it is advisable not to make frequent changes to your campaign strategy. On using a feature, we are actually making use of Facebook’s algorithm. However, frequent changes will confuse the system and wouldn’t allow any algorithm to work perfectly as the potential will never be reached.

Make Use of Reach Campaigns

Reach campaigns are Facebook’s way of understanding your goals and even the outreach requirements. Once activated, Facebook will identify the goal in terms of reach and frequency. However, these campaigns work well only if the business is already driving in great results and dependable CPAs.

Opt for a Lifetime Budget

Lifetime budgets are great if the entrepreneur is willing to let Facebook call the shots. A fixed budget is assigned for a given time frame and Facebook, via its algorithms will do everything possible to get you the best results within the assigned period. You will readily see higher traffic at the beginning which slows down a tad bit after a few days or months, depending upon the timeframe. At the end, the pace picks up and there will be massive traffic towards the initiation.

Bottom Line

Over social media, it is all about engaging the customers. However, prior to that, businesses must be able to reach the prospective clients. The mentioned ideas will surely come in handy for reaching out to the untargeted customer base. Facebook, apart from being a social platform is also a highly accessible tool and can be leveraged exhaustively for a better outreach.