6 Powerful Facebook Marketing Secrets That May Surprise You

Despite of the fact that Facebook is the most versatile social networking platform for promoting your business among your target audience, it is not easy to master the Facebook “Ad” engine.

While Facebook offers immense opportunities for targeting your audience, it is still full of secrets that even an experienced marketing professional will be surprised. These secrets are all related to the Facebook advertising techniques and if revealed they will surely help you in understanding the some vital steps required for promoting your business successfully through Facebook.

Here are the latest Facebook marketing secrets that you must know for using the Facebook advertising engine effectively.

1. Audience Insights – This reveals a lot about your audiences in your email list

You must have heard about “Custom Insights” of Facebook, which is a feature that help in uploading emails of your customers and build a target audience on this social media platform. However, this new “’Audience Insights” is one of most important yet hidden secrets of Facebook advertising engine.

Audience Insights is different from Page Insights as it looks for the latest trends about your existing or potential customers.

6 Facebook Power Secrets That Can Even Surprise The Experienced Marketer

This feature is located in the “Ads Manager” category and it reveals important information about your target audiences such as:

  • Facebook Usage: It let you know whether audiences are accessing your Facebook page through desktops or mobile devices
  • Page Likes: The frequency of likes and comments on your Facebook posts along with the frequency of clicks on ads
  • Demographics: The age and gender of your audiences along with their education
  • Language and Location: What are their preferred languages and where they live
  • Buy Activity: It includes their past buy behavior along with their shopping methods

6 Facebook Power Secrets That Can Even Surprise The Experienced Marketer

With this feature, you can easily know some non-obvious and crucial information about your audiences and then you can use this information to implement better user engagement policies on your Facebook business page.

2) Website retargeting with Facebook’s custom audience

Facebook has folded a latest feature to assist the advertisers in retargeting their existing customers. Known as Facebook’s custom audience, this feature will allow you to know who have visited your website via a Facebook advertisement.

The custom audience feature allows the advertisers in targeting their advertisements with their exact audiences with whom they already hold a relationship. It helps the advertisers in finding their existing audiences among all other target audience and this custom audience can be created with the help of an ads create tool or Power editor.

6 Facebook Power Secrets That Can Even Surprise The Experienced Marketer

The main benefits for advertisers of using “Facebook’s Custom Audience” feature are:

  • They can match their current customer’s list with the overall Facebook users’ list by using the email addresses saved in the email list.
  • They can easily reach their highly engaged customers by using this customer’s list, which is important for them for standard retargeting of those customers.

6 Facebook Power Secrets That Can Even Surprise The Experienced Marketer

3. The “Power Editor” feature lets you create Ad variations buttons

A potentially amazing feature, the latest Power Editor is a bulk advertisement creation and management tool that is devised especially for those advertisers who require appropriate control of their advertising campaigns. This feature could be located in Ads Manager category, as shown in the figure:

6 Facebook Power Secrets That Can Even Surprise The Experienced Marketer

Once the Power Editor is opened, ensure that you have selected the advertisements at the top. As soon as the data begin to populate, a new button known as “Generate Variations “appears.

6 Facebook Power Secrets That Can Even Surprise The Experienced Marketer

You have to immediately click on this button and a new window opens up like this:

6 Facebook Power Secrets That Can Even Surprise The Experienced Marketer

Once you click on the generate button, Facebook will itself mix and match for creating diverse ad variations based on the Advertisement types and Placement.

4. Discover more detailed information with Facebook’s “Ads Reporting”

I don’t know how many of you are interested in knowing about a more detailed and precise information about your Facebook ads campaigns like the number of clicks on them, impressions etc. But being an advertiser, you must be happy to know that Facebook gives you a clear understanding about the people who see your ads and you can make a list of the number of clicks or impressions on your ads to make your report and then you can easily use the information against your ad campaigns to note down their performance with the help of its latest Facebook’s Ads Reporting feature.

6 Facebook Power Secrets That Can Even Surprise The Experienced Marketer

This new tool helps the advertisers in quickly determining how a particular ad is performing by country, age, and placement without requiring split tests with different ads. With the help of this tool, you can easily evaluate the performance of your advertisements depending on the Action Metrics.

One of the most impressive features of this new tool is that it will let you edit the information that you want to be shown in your report. You can easily add a new dimension or breakdown in your report by selecting any of these options:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Gender and Age
  • Country
  • Placement
  • Cross Device
  • Destination

You can choose any of these options to get the results in a more filtered format. Like if you have selected “Gender” as an option, your generated ad report will show the number of males and females seeing or clicking your ad like this:

6 Facebook Power Secrets That Can Even Surprise The Experienced Marketer

So, this new feature is really useful to understand if the particular ad campaign was successful or not.

5.Obtain vital ininsights about your USA audience with “Audience Insights ”

Another excitingly amazing secret section of Facebook, known as “Audience Insights++” that lets you know key and important information about your USA based customers. Facebook has partnered with some reputed data aggregators of US to make the audiences’ data available for the advertisers so that they can use this data for customizing their ad campaigns accordingly to maximize their positive outcomes.

You can easily get to know very crucial information about your audiences based in US with this new feature that includes:

  • Household size of your customers
  • Their income bracket
  • Their spending habits over internet
  • And the types of vehicles used by them

Isn’t it interesting? So much information you can easily get if you have your customers based in US. You can use this information in many ways. Moreover, you can also save a great of money which could have been spent otherwise in searching for an extensive audience range.

6) “Conversion Tracking” let’s you know if your “Ads” are paying off

If you want the target audiences to take specific actions upon seeing your Facebook ad campaigns such as purchasing something, the conversion tracking tool let you know if your ad campaigns are paying you accordingly or not. Moreover, conversion tracking helps the businesses in calculating the return on investment (ROI) of their Facebook’s advertisements by reporting about the actions people take when your advertisements are displayed to them.

6 Facebook Power Secrets That Can Even Surprise The Experienced Marketer

Once you have set up the conversion pixels on your website and when you create an ad of an external website, you can easily view the option for tracking the conversions in the pricing section. When you will track these conversions, they will be reported to you to let you know the actions that occurred as an outcome of your advertisement.

If you business advertises on Facebook, please ensure to implement these secret features of Facebook’s advertising engine to get positive results. If you have intended to give a try to any of these features, let us know through your valuable comments.