As a small business owner, Facebook ads are something which you have considered investing in and wondering what benefits will it draw towards your business. Facebook is an attraction for your business reason being it has over a billion users worldwide which can be an amazing start for your business. And Facebook remains one of the easiest-to-use platforms for delivering valuable advertising content to prospective customers or users.

So, how do you, as a small business with a limited budget, run a successful Facebook advertising campaign? Follow these 5 tips below to make Facebook ads work for you.

1. Use Power editor, instead of Facebook Ads interface

In our earlier article we had mentioned why you should us Power Editor for your Facebook ads. I am stressing again on the same point for small businesses as well it is a must instead of Facebook ads interface. It is a free Chrome browser plug-in that helps businesses manage multiple campaigns or a large number of creative’s. Power Editor makes it easy to create, edit, manage and optimize ads, campaigns, and Page posts in bulk, across a large number of different ad accounts and Pages. With the power editor it makes the entire process seamless and easy for your business.

Through the Power Editor you can target by:

  • Location, Age and Gender
  • Specific interests
  • Broad categories
  • Brand connections
  • A ‘lookalike’ audience

2. Don’t ignore custom audience

Each and every business has a database of customers. You may be using that database to keep email addresses, phone numbers, address and other details. You can target your existing customers on Facebook, which makes it easy for your business to get a initial fan base on your Facebook Page, as they are aware about your existence. To create custom audiences, you first need to set up the Facebook Power Editor.

Custom audiences works like this- You gather a list of people that you want to target, you need to have their emails or phone numbers. You upload that list using the power editor and when creating a Facebook ad you get the option to target only these people in your custom audience, and once they are on your page you can easily reach their friends too.

facebook ads small business

3. Split your ads – have multiple scenarios

Everyone stresses about the fact how will their audiences react to their brands Facebook advertising. Thus it is always good to experiment multiple scenarios and see which ad is performing better and accordingly invest more. You can check with how the various demographics are behaving to a particular ad it can be male, female or Female + Male as well as of various ages. So you can create a game plan with 3 options and whichever option is reacting best to your ads, you know where to invest more.

Similarly with devices – not everyone uses social media from their desktops (see social media stats). The usage is very varied some from their Smartphone’s, some from their desktops or even tablets. Experiment with devices – in terms of ad placement, and various times of it being exposed to the audiences. Accordingly map the reaction each device evokes and accordingly allocate resources for the same. So it’s all about trial and error, keep trying various permutation- combinations till you get most optimised results.

4. Keep the copy short, no matter it’s ‘ad copy’ or copy within the image

The sole purpose of an ad is to create interest of your customers in what your business already sells to an audience. Your ad will only be as effective as the kind of content you have pushing it. Therefore, aim for your content to be amazing, and keep it short. Not everyone has a large attention span and they may get bored reading endless content.

Facebook poor ads

Even when using images, let your visual content do the talking. Don’t have heaps of written content to explain of what is being depicted in the images. Thus it is mandatory to always keep the content short and sweet.

5. Doing ‘Facebook Like’ ads?

Keep your page updated and make it interesting (ask questions/share testimonials)

It is of utmost importance that your Facebook business page is updated from time-to-time. Your cover photo, custom tabs, website address, about section and contact info. Have interesting content which grabs the consumer’s attention, these are some things that a new fan will check out to understand more about you and your business.

Engage new fans with content which elicits response from them. Thus by asking questions, that always evokes a reaction from the audiences and leads to engagement. Share testimonials as well, it sheds the positive light on your business. All these factors lead to interaction with consumers which then leads towards building a relationship with them.

Bonus tip – Stay on top of changes and improvements to Facebook

Facebook is always looking to improve the experience it offers to businesses. And it can be seen that they constantly experiment to bring new features and tools to Facebook for making advertising more effective and easier. Thus you owe it to your business to always stay on top of the changes in order to make the entire experience more complete. Thus you should diligently always be on the look of news of what is being updates or changed.

Using Facebook to promote your small business can be a cheap and effective way to attract new customers. You can also refer to one of my previous article about optimising Facebook ads.