Do you want your Facebook followers to know, like and trust you? Are you wanting your social media efforts to result in more clients and sales?

One way to ensure both of those things is to consciously create a positive influence when you post on Facebook.

This eTip provides 5 critical things to be aware of when you create a presence on Facebook that will have a big impact on your influence with your followers.

Whether it’s your personal profile or your business page, you never know who is on the receiving end who is making a judgement about you – should they like you? Should they trust you? Should they get to know you more?

Personal branding plays a big role in social media, whether you like it or not It takes 5 seconds for someone to form an opinion of you – whether positive, negative or indifferent Everything you say, do, write and be on social media are all making an impression on someone else.

Here’s the 5 ways you can make a more positive influence with your followers on Facebook:

  1. Use a Professional Profile Photo

    Ensure your personal and professional profiles have a professional photo of you and not of you sunbathing on the beach or taking a selfie at a restaurant.

    Your photo can be more casual on your personal profile but make it more professional on your page.

  2. Be Aware of What You Post

    When it comes to making a positive influence on others, it’s not just how you look but also what you post that will make a difference. Who you are has a direct impact on others so ask yourself about your posting style:

    • Is this positive or negative? I highly recommend you stay on the positive and don’t bash someone or something else just to make your point. Also know your facts before speaking against someone or something. There are always two sides to the story. You can still state your concerns but do it from a factual, non-biased opinion as opposed to rant and rave.
    • Am I being supportive or bashing and critical?
    • Am I complaining or providing solutions?
    • Is this post contributing to the fear mentality or am I being the voice of reason?
    • Is it judging or accepting?

    And if you tend to post a lot of political-related or debate-fueled posts and you are passionate about them, be passionate but do so knowing you are not going to please everyone and you have to be ok with that. Be confident in what you stand for and don’t be afraid to have a voice.

  3. Embody a Positive Communication Style

    Your communication style can have a huge and direct impact on not only the people you communicate with, but also on your influence with them.

    Here’s some pointers to keep in mind when you are engaging with others on Facebook:

    • Be helpful
      • Seek out opportunities where you can share your knowledge and wisdom within your areas of expertise.
      • Don’t promote. Simply be of service and share what you know in a helpful manner.
    • Show your support of others
      • Like, comment and share your follower’s posts.
      • Congratulate people of their successes.
      • Encourage your followers when they need it.
      • Refer others to those who are seeking help in areas you can’t help. Your goodwill will not go un-noticed.
  4. Choose Like-Minded Friends

    With so many fake profiles and scam artists lurking on Facebook these days, it’s always a good idea to vet that person before accepting their friend request. Only follow back those that are in alignment with your values and integrity.

    Reach out to other like-minded people that share a common interest, philosophy or ideology as you.

  5. It’s Not All About You

    Remember why Social Media exists in the first place. It’s NOT to make money and sell our wares. It’s to be social and build friendships and positive relationships with others.

    So show your gratitude, appreciation, understanding and compassion for other people when on Facebook. This approach will have a much more positive impact on how people perceive you and your business.

    The more you focus on others, the more you will gain the “know, like and trust” factor with them, which will ultimately lead to more business success through leads, sales and referrals.