5 Ways to Generate More Sales from Facebook

Facebook is a top network you have to build a presence on. You might read articles on how the network’s growth has slowed down, but that’s because it has hit saturation point. Most online users have already joined it!

If you build a well-planned presence on it through both organic and paid methods, you will have the opportunity to reach over 2.07 billion active users.

Some businesses solely rely on this one network to generate both leads and sales. Therefore, to help you too generate more sales from Facebook I have written this easy to follow guide…

Build rapport and engagement before sharing products:

To generate sales organically from your Facebook page you need high levels of engagement. Engagement is necessary for two reasons…

It builds trust: When people are engaging with your content through likes, clicks and comments it shows that they like what you share. Your content is helping and/or entertaining them which will get them to trust you. The more they trust the more likely they will be to purchase from you.

It increases edgerank: A Facebook user’s feed is controlled by an algorithm that only shows them posts they will be interested in. Most of these posts are posts from pages they have interacted with in the past.

When someone interacts with a post in their newsfeed with likes, clicks, shares, and/or saves, Facebook makes a note that the user likes content from this page. Therefore, the next time the person visits Facebook, it will make sure that posts from this page will appear at the top of their newsfeed.

The higher you appear in their feed, the higher your edgerank is. This will ensure that you get maximum engagement every time you publish a post.

If your edgerank is high you will generate more sales from the products, you share on Facebook as more of your fans will see them. Therefore, build rapport and engagement on Facebook today by sharing quality content and only then share products.

Ocado, an online supermarket, based in the UK, understands the importance of sharing content and boosting engagement before selling.

They regularly share links to food recipes like the above one that drive engagement, increase their edgerank and gain the trust of their page fans.

They sandwich these types of posts with posts that promote their products like the above one. This ensures that they get maximum traffic and sales from these posts.

Share testimonials:

If the above technique isn’t providing you the best results, it is probably because your Facebook page’s fans don’t trust you. Therefore, you should take steps to gain their trust by sharing testimonials on your Facebook page. The best testimonials you can share are videos as a testimonial from a live person looks a lot better than something you just typed down (how can they be certain that someone really did say that).

For inspiration on how to create great Facebook video testimonials, check out Sam Ovens’ page. He regularly publishes video testimonials of satisfied customers.

Here’s one of the videos. As you can see when you watch a video from a live person it looks very credible. Sam has several more video testimonials like these on his Facebook page. Make sure you watch them.

Display products on Facebook:

When people like your Facebook page and begin interacting with your content, they will also browse through some of the other tabs on your Facebook page. Hence, you should set up a shop tab on your page.

Anyone who is interested in your products can buy them right away instead of waiting for you to post updates. Here’s a shop on the Dollar Shave Club’s Facebook page.

People who like the free content on Dollar Shave Club’s Facebook page can just visit this shop and buy products they like. Conversion rates can also be high as they are on Facebook, a site they have been using for a long time. They will trust it more than your website.

If you set up your online store with ecommerce store software, you should be able to set up your Facebook store with one of their apps. But it is better to use Facebook’s shop feature because your product will be directly listed on Facebook and the sale will happen there itself.

Ecommerce apps will redirect the person onto your online store which can negatively affect conversion rates.

Use Facebook messenger:

Social messaging apps have grown incredibly quickly over the past few years. This is because they provide people with the opportunity to have a private one to one conversation with the brand.

Facebook’s messenger is the second most used messaging app with over a billion users, the most used is another messaging app owned by Facebook, Whatsapp.

Apps are very effective as well. Digital Marketer for example were able to generate 500% of their ROI within just 3 days of using it.

Marketing with Facebook messenger is very easy to implement too as there are several bots that can help you automate the process. But to get best results don’t just rely on the bots. Combine it with some personalised messages.

Use ads:

While the above organic methods will help get you some sales, they alone will not be sufficient. To generate the highest amount of sales on Facebook you need to use ads as organic reach is low on the network when compared to others. But on the plus side ads are very cheap on Facebook.

If you can build a funnel that generates a positive ROI, investing in Facebook ads is something you should regularly do.

These are the 5 ways to generate more sales from Facebook:

The 5 methods discussed in detail above are highly effective in generating sales from Facebook. Get started with the organic methods first. This includes sharing content and sandwiching them with links to your products. After that set up a Facebook shop and a messenger marketing funnel.

To get the strongest results combine these organic methods with ads.


How do you generate more sales from Facebook? Have any other techniques (not listed here) brought in better results for you? Please leave your comments below.