It’s undoubtedly easier and quicker to create image ads on Facebook than video ads. If you take advantage of Facebook’s free Shutterstock integration you can create an entire image ad in a matter of minutes. As a result, the majority of Facebook advertisers stick to image ads.

But as the Facebook ad platform has matured, it’s clear that for most businesses, video ads deliver better results. And in an increasingly video based digital world, this trend is very likely to continue.

Despite being more difficult and often more costly to create, I would recommend most Facebook advertisers experiment with video ads. I’ve seen disproportionately good results a number of times from this ad format, and because of that it’s my top Facebook advertising tip. Let’s get into the 5 reasons:

#1 Information Distribution

With Facebook video ads it’s much easier to convey a lot of information to your prospects very quickly. This might not sound like a big deal, but it is. For your prospects to buy your products and services they most likely need to understand a number of things. Depending on what you offer, they probably need to know most of the following before they are willing to make a purchase:

  • Price
  • How they can make a purchase
  • Delivery information/schedule
  • Product/service benefits
  • Returns and guarantees
  • Results your products and services have achieved for others
  • How to use your products
  • Your level of industry expertise (service providers)
  • Your methodology
  • Etc.

It’s much more effective to include this information in a Facebook video ad than hope your prospects read it in the copy of an image ad.

#2 Highly Engaging

This point is fairly obvious but it’s worth including. Video ads are more engaging than image ads. The movement from a video is always going to grab people’s attention better than a static image. The first job of any ad is to get noticed. If your prospects don’t notice your ad, they will not take your desired action.

Video ads are also much better at holding people’s attention, which allows your ads to have a much greater impact. Whether you’re looking for brand awareness, leads or sales, they’re all more likely to occur if you can hold your prospects’ attention.

Here’s an example Facebook video ad that has a lot of social proof:


#3 Develop a Relationship

In the marketing world, it’s been well understood for a long time that we buy from people and companies that we know, like and trust. Video is a much more personal format than images and that means you can build a relationship with your prospects more effectively and faster.

This is one of the reasons why face-to-camera video ads work particularly well for service businesses. If your prospects feel like they know you, they are more likely to work with you and they’ll be willing to pay higher prices.

This video shows you exactly how to create a high-performing face-to-camera video ad:

I’ve created and promoted over 100 face-to-camera video ads and I often talk to prospects that say they have been following my content for years. Whenever I hear that, I know it’s going to be much easier to convert that person into a paying client.

#4 Demonstrate Your Industry Expertise

If you tell your prospects that you’re an industry expert, they’re going to be very skeptical without proof. It’s much better to show them your expertise.

You can do this in a number of ways with Facebook video ads. It’s easy to demonstrate the fantastic work/results you’ve done for previous customers. You can also educate your prospects by showing them how to achieve something they want to achieve or avoid something they want to avoid. This provides upfront value and (when they implement your advice and get great results) shows you know what you’re talking about.

Whilst this point primarily applies to service providers, product-based companies can use demonstration videos to achieve the same objective – these can be incredibly effectively.

#5 Differentiate Yourself from Your Competition

A lot of markets are highly competitive on Facebook. Facebook is a relatively new advertising platform, but the word is out. Your competitors know about it and with over 6 million Facebook advertisers and counting, many of them are probably already using it.

That means you need to differentiate yourself from your competition. As I’ve already mentioned, video ads are harder to create than image ads and because of that most Facebook advertisers steer clear of them. This means if you can create high quality Facebook video ads you will immediately and significantly differentiate your company from your competitors.

Here’s an example Facebook video ad that really helps me stand out:


Putting my springer spaniel puppy on the desk alongside is a bit gimmicky, but it definitely helps me stand out and makes my Facebook video ad much more memorable.

“Me too” ads very rarely work. Facebook video ads are by definition rarely “me too”. I’d strongly recommend that you give Facebook video ads a go. I’ve worked with many Facebook advertisers that are happy they did.