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1. Facebook has become the online equivalent of a photo album
Let me just go develop this film… said no one in 2014.

Chances are that when you take photos, you take them digitally. It’s much easier to upload photos to Facebook than it is to print them and put them in a physical album. Whether it was intentional or not, your Facebook page is a digital photo album dedicated to you and your brand.

2. Old statuses let you take a glimpse at the way you used to think
Why did I ever used to write like that? Those abbreviations are killing me. These statuses look like they were written by a cat walking across a keyboard.

As childish as your old posts may look, you shouldn’t be so quick to delete them. Maybe you don’t feel the same way about that band as you do now, or maybe you don’t share the same love for grilled cheese as you did five years ago. It doesn’t matter. When it comes down to it, Facebook has been your public diary for as long as you’ve had your account. There may be some gems of wisdom hidden way down on your time line, buried among the mopey song lyrics. If nothing else, it is a time machine that you can use to revisit what you were like.

3. You have a detailed history of your friendships online
Remember that time you and your best friend went to that amazing concert? Facebook does. Facebook remembers the inside jokes you posted on each other’s walls for days afterwards and that embarrassing photo of you on the train ride home.

Facebook has this really cool feature that is accessible through your friends’ pages; it’s called “See Friendship”. When you click it, you are taken to an archive of every single post, photo, or conversation (save for those on Facebook Chat) that involve both you and said friend. There is nothing more fun than going through the old posts between you and your friend and reminiscing. By deleting old posts, you’re deleting a little piece of your friendship’s history.

4. Deleting the past doesn’t mean moving on to the future
No one needs to see this. Maybe if I delete it now no one will ever find it and I can move on with my life.

There’s no need to worry about “out with the old, in with the new”. You might be a little embarrassed by your old posts, but deleting them won’t change who you are or who you’re going to be. Don’t let something you posted years ago define you. Unless someone’s really giving a good look at your profile, most people won’t see those really old posts. How you choose to represent yourself online is up to you, not your old posts.

5. When push comes to shove, those old posts are still you
Oh jeez, do you see that photo of me? Why did I even think I could wear something like that? Is that my hair or a dead bird on my head? I should just delete it now.

Hey! Not so fast! Sure the photo doesn’t look great to you now, but that was how you liked to dress at one point in your life. The person in the photo isn’t you anymore, but you shouldn’t delete it. Not every photo of you can be your best. Even if you are embarrassed now, someday you might want to go back and take another look at the person you were five years ago. So don’t get so trigger happy on that delete button; think before you click.

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