Any business that’s involved in online marketing would love to improve their social media engagement. Let’s face it, social media has fast become the mainstay of the online experience. With 1.55 billion active users a month, there’s a multitude of people engaging and interacting on Facebook. For Facebook marketers, this represents a tremendous pool of potential clients. Facebook Live, Facebook’s live broadcasting feature, provides an innovative way for businesses to engage these users. According to Facebook’s statistics, users watch video more than 3 times longer if it’s live and comment more than 10 times more often on Facebook Live videos than alternative videos. This is important news for creative online marketers today. Not sure how to get started? Following are 5 smart marketing uses of Facebook Live will help.

1. Talk About Trending Topics in Your Industry
A great use for Facebook live is to talk about trending topics/concerns. If the new year is approaching, perhaps starting in December, have a live discussion about New Year’s resolutions, whether it’s related to business goals for the upcoming year, weight loss goals and how to stick to them (using a product you sell, etc.), a new look. If you’re introducing a new product, share how it can help improve your target market’s lives during the upcoming year and demonstrate it.


2. Provide a Behind the Scenes View of Your Business
Providing a behind the scenes view of your business is a great way to utilize Facebook live. Share how well your staff works and relaxes together during breaks or shares thoughts during office meetings, how you develop a product from start to finish, what’s going on in the kitchen, etc. The possibilities are endless. There’s one thing we all have in common and that is that we love to watch things that are usually off limits. That’s probably why reality TV is so popular today.

3. Broadcast Live Events
Are you going to a concert, taking part in a half a marathon for charity or attending a conference, a concert that others would enjoy having a glimpse of? Why not share it live? It’s a great way to keep your audience engaged when they can’t be there in person. When you bring the event to your audience’s mobile device or desktop, they’ll be able to follow along, interacting with you, or if you’re using a product or service that you’re promoting during the event, it will give them a sense of its benefits and how it applies to them.


4. Host interviews
Interview key experts in your niche, clients using your products or services, employees, etc. Brands are all about the individuals that are a part of it, so why not give these people a platform to speak from that improves the chances of your audience listening.

5. Share What’s Happening
Share trending and intriguing news and information, giving your opinion on a variety of topics. Focus on your niche’s topics whether it’s the healthy industry, real estate, sustainable living, or B2B. This will save your followers’ time, and in live video form will deliver value and a sense of authenticity

Here Are a Few Added Benefits of using Facebook Live.
While your Facebook Live video is shooting, you’ll be able to see how many people are actually watching, their names and comments. Once it’s over, the video will automatically be saved to your timeline, making it easy to share it on your various social platforms, embed it in your blog posts, or if you prefer to delete it.

Facebook Live is all about connecting with and interacting with your target market in real time. This innovative marketing tool from Facebook breaks down obstacles and helps create a relationship with consumers that transcends conventional marketing limitations and in a matter of seconds. It’s a tool that you can bet your online marketing savvy competitors will be using.

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Original post: 5 Smart Ways To Use Facebook Live