5 Proven Ways to Promote Your Products on Facebook

There’s no doubt about it, Facebook is the most popular social network around.

That’s why it makes sense that businesses all around the world use Facebook to promote their products to consumers.

Though most marketers know how important having a social media presence is, many of them don’t know the best ways to reach customers in their target market on Facebook.

That’s why I’ve put together 5 proven ways to promote your products on Facebook.

Let’s go!

Feature User-Generated Content

Lately, businesses have truly begun to understand the value user-generated content can bring to their brands. Showcasing your products in a genuine manner can be a difficult process on social media – though your fans expect promotion to a certain extent, customers don’t just want to see boring pictures or information about your products.

In fact, Sprout Social conducted a survey in which 57% of respondents found that brands just post too many promotions. It just isn’t a great way to garner engagement.

5 Proven Ways to Promote Your Products on Facebook

And, If you’ve been keeping up to date with Facebook’s ever-changing algorithm, you’ll know engagement is more important than ever.

User-generated content is exactly what it sounds like – content your fans and customers create, related to your brand and products. Not everyone is Starbucks, however – you might need to incentivize fans to post photos featuring your products, by running a contest or offering a discount.

5 Proven Ways to Promote Your Products on Facebook

Reposting (or sharing) fan content increases the chance that your page will show up on Facebook users’ feeds, as long as you’re tagging the users who submitted it. It’s a great way to build a genuine and emotional connection with both existing and future customers.

Run Facebook Ads

The ability to capture customers through organic reach is quickly dissipating. Luckily (more for Facebook than you and I), Facebook’s powerful advertising platform gives businesses a fast track to reaching customers in their target markets.

Instead of linking directly to your homepage in your next Facebook Ads campaign, try linking to an advertisement for your newest product, a product page within your e-commerce store, or to a landing page dedicated to that product.

5 Proven Ways to Promote Your Products on Facebook

Singling out one product not only makes it easier to target customers by needs and interests, it allows you to better communicate that product’s benefits – thus increasing that pesky conversion rate.

5 Proven Ways to Promote Your Products on Facebook

Don’t forget to take advantage of Facebook’s tracking pixel, so you can target customers who have taken specific actions on your site but haven’t yet bought anything. A customer who has, for example, checked their cart on your website is much more likely to convert than a customer who’s only seen the home page.

Demonstrate Your Product

Okay, admit it. You’re just like me – you have an inexplicable obsession with informercials. Have you ever stopped to think about why they’re so popular?

Besides the campy 90’s videography and the 4 easy payments of $19.99 plus shipping and handling, I think people generally like seeing people use products. Beyond informercials, most commercials feature a product demonstration – and we’ve all seen the product demonstrators at Costco with the latest blender, or vacuum cleaner, or whatever.

Whatever it is, there’s an appeal to it. Especially when you do it creatively! Putting together creative videos or photos showcasing interesting ways to use your products is an easy way to communicate their benefits to your customers.

Because the quality of the cameras on popular smartphones like the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy is constantly increasing, it’s not difficult to shoot simple, high-quality video. Better yet, take advantage of Facebook Live if your audience is large enough and demonstrate your products or answer questions about them live.

Use Word-of-Mouth/Referral Programs

Just like user-generated content, word-of-mouth referral campaigns rely on Facebook’s inclination towards engagement and interaction on its users’ News Feeds. Though it can be difficult for you to reach your customers, it’s not nearly as difficult for their friends to reach them.

Again, chances are you’ll need to incentivize users to share your products with their connections. Do this by offering a discount in exchange for a Facebook share, or by running a giveaway that requires a Facebook share to enter.

You can also start a loyalty program, and give points to customers who share your content on Facebook or refer friends to sign up or make a purchase on your website. Because there’s an incentive for them to get referrals, they’re more likely to put effort into spreading your brand, resulting in increased awareness – and sales.

Collect Reviews

I don’t know about you, but whenever I’m in the market for something new – whether it’s a water bottle or car – the first thing I do is type “[x] review” into Google. I’m conditioned at this point, like tons of other people… which explains the popularity of apps like Yelp, Zomato, and Google’s own review platform.

The fact is, reviews play a big part in many shoppers’ purchase decisions. The difference between 3 and 4 stars has the potential to make or break your conversion rate.

5 Proven Ways to Promote Your Products on Facebook

Ask your fans for a review on your Facebook Page. You can ask on your website, at the order confirmation page, in an email receipt, anywhere. Just don’t be annoying about it – and definitely don’t offer some sort of incentive, as that’s a big no-no on Facebook.

Though reviews may not have a large impact on existing customers (go to any big brand’s Facebook Page – chances are reviews aren’t available, and their comments section is a mess of complaints), they have a huge effect on customers finding your business for the first time. It also gives businesses a chance to respond to any inquiries or complaints customers may have.

5 Proven Ways to Promote Your Products on Facebook

Social media is now the go-to place for consumers to find out more about a company, and reviews are a quantifiable indicator of trust, quality, and credibility – qualities which are especially important to growing businesses.


There you go – five great ways to promote your products on Facebook. Have you tried any of these? Are there any other strategies I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments below!

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