It’s no secret Facebook is a useful tool for businesses to connect with customers. Facebook has over a billion active users, so there are virtually endless possibilities for new connections and sales leads. There are a variety of tactics businesses use to increase user engagement, and they are often very successful. In fact, according to HubSpot, over 50 percent of businesses have used Facebook to generate a lead.

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But not all brands are made equal. Some just go above and beyond when it comes to getting their fans to engage – garnering hundreds or even thousands of likes, comments, and shares. How do they do it?

Here are a few examples of how businesses, small and large, are accomplishing great levels of user engagement on their Facebook pages.

Help Your Fans Get Dressed

Ann Taylor knows what its fanbase of professional, stylish women are looking for. how to pull off trendy looks at the office! The designer and clothing retailer writes regular blog posts catering to its fan base with helpful information on everything from how to dress for a teaching job to interviews to the red carpet. On their Facebook page, in addition to sharing these helpful guides, it regularly posts style inspiration (cleverly labelled “24/7 Style”) for everything from a snow day to happy hour with the girls.

anntaylor on Facebook

Ann Taylor is following one of the cardinal rules of social media marketing by sharing its blog posts — the brand is providing high-quality, original and useful content that isn’t overly salesy and is relevant to its followers. Their posts encourage fans to discuss what they love and hate about current trends, and the attractive imagery is easy for them to like and share.

Evoke Nostalgia in Your Fans

Would it surprise you to learn over 350 million photos are uploaded to Facebook each day? Whether they’re sharing memes with their friends or share their favorite products, people love visual content . Sharing images is one of the key ways a business can foster customer engagement, and Disney certainly does it well. On their Facebook page, the beloved brand shares images from its most popular movies daily, which evokes nostalgia in its followers. Typically, there will also be a quote along with the photo — users who recognize or particularly love the movie or the quote will often like or comment on the post.

disney on Facebook

With such a catalog of memories at their disposal, Disney seems to have surely nailed it, but other businesses can still get on it. Your brand can do the same by exploring new content and connecting it to your industry.

Engage Them With Contests

Havahart is a humane live animal trapping brand. Its customer base is a group of animal lovers who want to get wild animals and pests out of their backyard or garden, but don’t want to hurt them in the process. Accordingly, its Facebook page is adorned with a number of cute animal photos and memes. Nearly all of these photos have hundreds of likes, which shows Havahart really knows what photos to post to attract customers’ attention.

havahart on Facebook

Havahart also posts animal trivia and holds contests. Trivia is a great idea for any business because it’s fun and allows participants to test their knowledge. Often, Havahart posts a question and then the answer separately, which encourages users to visit the page multiple times in a short period. Furthermore, the business’s contests are fun and get customers involved. One of the contests, called “Deer John,” encouraged followers to write a letter to unwanted deer in their backyard. This fosters customer engagement by prompting followers to respond in hopes of winning the contest. It also brings humor and fun to humane animal trapping.

You don’t have to live on your page in order to post all these updates and images around the clock – and you don’t even have to log in over the weekend to make it work, either! Brands can create an editorial calendar listing all their posts for the next month, and then preschedule them with Facebook’s built in scheduler. Whew!

Motivate Them to Succeed

12 keys on Facebook

12 Keys Rehab is a luxury rehabilitation center in Florida. It’s dedicated to involving families and supporters with its community of current and former drug users. Those who like 12 Keys’ Facebook page are most likely recovering drug users, their friends and families, or other sympathizers. Accordingly, the site posts a great deal of motivational quotes and advice for coping with addiction and substance use. These quotes foster engagement by giving followers some of the motivation and tools they need to overcome substance dependence. Quotes generate a positive response with users, because they’ll often think “me too!” and like quotes they can relate to. Many of the quotes also are shared as a picture — these often have more likes because images really catch a user’s attention.

Bring in an Expert Guest

The National Geographic Channel does a great job of engaging its Facebook followers. It shares a number of high-quality photos, which easily attract users’ attention, and fosters customer engagement by asking questions through posts. National Geographic will often post a photo with a question in the caption; for example, a recent post featuring a shark’s razor-sharp teeth asked fans “What would you do in a shark attack?” Numerous followers commented on the post with varying degrees of hilarity.

national geographic on Facebook

The National Geographic Channel also recently ran a Reddit Ask Me Anything with Mick Dodge, the star of the show The Legend of Mick Dodge. Fans could ask Mick what it was like to live in the rainforest for 25 years. Opportunities like this get followers to personally connect with the cast of National Geographic’s shows.

Their strategy could easily be adapted to suit a business in another photo-heavy industry like travel or design. Ask your fans questions about how the photos you post relate to their lives. Maybe you can even invite an industry expert to post on your wall.

Your Turn

These are just a few examples of the many brands and businesses that successfully engage customers on Facebook. Which are your favorites? Share your favorite examples in the comments.