Hashtags might work against your social media strategy in the long run. Fortunately, there are tools and methods you can use to enhance any Facebook marketing strategies you already have in place. With great content and some research, you’ll soon strike gold on Facebook!

Facebook still has many available features to draw interest towards your business without using hashtags.

Consider using the following Facebook services and website tips to promote your service, product, event, or page:

Facebook Groups

While your business isn’t allowed to post in a Facebook group, there is valuable information to obtain here. Look at questions being asked, the language used to answer them, and the general conversations being had. Tailor your blog posts to feature these questions and terms to accurately locate the right people.

Facebook Ads

For as little as $5 per day, you can place a targeted Facebook ad. With impressive features and targeting options, you can reach audience members matching specific interests, in specific locations, and of a specific age-range. You can reach as broad or as targeted an audience as you’d like – though we recommend a targeted approach.

Great Content

Using the information from groups, your own knowledge and research, you can become an authority in your subject matter/industry, leading people towards your Facebook page when they need assistance or great information.

If you share content relevant to trending topics, you can get lucky and ride the wave to increase visibility of a popular topic being searched or shown by Facebook. Sometimes, a viral hashtag will trend, giving you an opportunity to extend your reach.

Make sure to use caution! Since hashtags are commonly used in sarcastic and ironic tones, you don’t want to misuse a hashtag and wind up receiving backlash for not “getting it.” Five minutes of research could save you days of negative comments.

Social Media Follow Buttons

Follow buttons should be easy to see. They should be found on every blog post and throughout your website.

Facebook Success = Research Great Content Reach & Engagement

Facebook is all about real-time interactions between friends, family members, businesses, and interests. To be successful with your Facebook marketing strategies, make sure your great content is available – and targets – the right audiences.

You could pen your industry’s equivalent of Pride and Prejudice but, without the right audience to see it, nobody will applaud it! It’s very important to make sure that your ideal persona is looking at your content, engaging with, and sharing it.

If you’ve done your research and tailored your content, identified your audience, and they’re excited to read your latest posts – you’ve completed half the battle. Now, your audience is posting hand-over-fist about your invaluable information.

Now’s the time to get in there and start talking to them! Your invaluable information not only brings you valuable new leads, but your ability to speak with people and answer their questions, in real time, can provide invaluable information about your ideal buyers. With this, you can tailor future content using all the awesome new info they provided throughout your conversation!

That’s the power of great content – and Facebook!