Facebook is an entrepreneur and marketer’s dream but let’s face it, it’s getting tougher to stand out from the crowd.

Do you feel frustrated that you spend a lot of time marketing on Facebook and aren’t getting the results you’d like?

Would you like to know ways to use Facebook to grow your mailing list? Would you like some cool strategies to grow your Facebook following?

Let’s dive in – here are some cool tricks to help you grow your leads and sales on Facebook.

  1. Let your Facebook Cover Image Be Your Billboard

    Be creative with your Facebook cover image. Instead of just posting a standard banner or a cute photo of your flower garden, use it to promote your business.

    You can post the schedule to your recent events, your podcast, show a picture of you at work, or promote your newest book or program.

    Switch your Facebook cover image with a greeting for the holidays. You can include your free opt in giveaway, contact info, pricing and calls to action.

    Make your cover image the best size to fit the space: 851px wide by 315px high.

  2. Add information to your Facebook Cover Image Popup

    When you click on your Facebook cover image, you have the ability to add description text to that space.


    It’s a great place to add more information about what they will find on your blog, a freebie they can sign up for, or any other important information you have to share.

    This is an easy lead-generation tool to capture information of your Facebook fans.

  3. Turn Personal Facebook Fans Into Business Facebook Fans

    You can promote your Fanpage URL on your personal profile to get better exposure to your page.

    Do this by doing to your personal page, click the “About” tab, click “Work and Education”, click the “edit” link found in the “options” menu to the right of your Current Company listing (or add one if you don’t already have your company listed there.)

    Where is says “Company”, start typing the name of your business Facebook page and a prompt will appear to hyperlink to your page. Then click the blue “Save Changes” button.

    After you do this go to your Personal profile to test it out. Look on the left where it lists your Company.


    When you hover over your company name it should now do a popup for your Business Facebook page.

Get Facebook Fans from your Website or Blog

The Facebook ‘Page Plugin’ makes it easy to convert website visitors into Facebook fans and just takes a few minutes to set up. Facebook will even generate the code for you. here are also WordPress plugins that will do this.

  1. Facebook Widget is one such plug in. These are nice tools where you can choose to show your Facebook fans and customize how the box looks on your website so new visitors can easily join your Facebook fans.
  2. Ditch the Hype – Keep Posts Friendly and Informative

    While Facebook may seem the perfect place to post information about your big sale, think again. The new Facebook algorithm discourages overly promotional posts.

    They key is to write posts that are friendly, informative, entertaining and inspirational.

    To integrate business-related posts as much as possible, you can write an informative blog article about a relevant topic your ideal clients will find of interest and then write a post on your Facebook page and link to that blog article. For extra punch, at the bottom of you blog article, include a call to action to your latest Superstar Program.

    Or you could record a fun tip in a video and share in the video that you have a cool promotion coming up to visit your website for more details.

    Are you an author? Take a crazy picture of you up to your eyeballs in books you are shipping with a post that says “boy these books are flying off the shelves fast, see what everyone is talking about.”

    You want to post shareable content that gets lots of likes, shares and comments so it will have better changes of being seen in your follower’s newsfeed. The trick is to find out what type of posts your followers will find worthy of being shareable.

I hope these Facebook tips help you build your brand reach and business revenue.

And if you’re looking for more in-depth hands-on training, consider joining my monthly Social Blast Membership program specifically designed for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to learn how to use social media and online marketing without wasting a lot of time and effort.

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