Facebook is a funny old thing, and one of the funniest aspects of Facebook right now for brands is that even the most ‘up-and-coming’ brands are pretty much rocking it on the platform.

The brands we are going to be looking at today are ‘up and coming’, but the fact is that they have huge fanbases already (relatively speaking). This may mean that when you check out their details, you feel a twinge of envy coming on.

But they have worked hard to get where they are in a short space of time, and they are bringing a high level of quality and professionalism to the table. In other words, each of the brands has something they can teach the small to medium sized businesses out there right now. So sit down, and get ready to take notes.

5 Up-And-Coming Brands On Facebook And The Lessons We Can Learn From Them


Okay, fashion has always had a home on Facebook. But some do it right, and some do it like rockstars. Bershka is beginning to fall into the second category, with serious engagement now coming up and a real sense that they seem to know what the audience needs when it comes to content.

They follow a few fashion house rules that have always worked well in this particular arena and follow them with real panache. In other words, they are a fashion house that knows what to do with their business and brand on Facebook. But what can we learn from them?

Well, let’s take a look at one of their most popular posts. This one quite clearly shows just a pair of shoes. But it’s one of their best-loved posts, and this is primarily because it allows the fans to focus entirely on the product. This is a key area of excellence for any retailer, and if a retailer can make this a big part of their Facebook strategy, it will find that it results in popularity and engagement.

Shopping on Facebook is all about seeing an image and then responding to it. Responding to it means engagement, and showing a simple picture of a pair of shoes means that engagement is encouraged. It’s simple and easy to do (as long as you have high quality photos) and is quickly proving to be an absolute essential for any retailer, especially in fashion.

More and more brands are latching onto the idea that showing the product is the way forward. Bershka knows this too.

Lesson number one: Keep it simple, keep it product focused

Beard King

Crazy name, crazy brand. But there’s nothing crazy about their approach to Facebook marketing, and the overall effect is something many businesses would admire. It’s carefully thought out, and always on message. A brand you can have fun with.

Okay, they’re painfully hipster, and not exactly everyone’s cup of tea. But they have had some huge engagement over the time they’ve been up and live. One of the biggest lessons we can take from the brand is that you should try and promote the fun and games your brand is known for if it’s known for these types of shenanigans.

You would never accuse Beard King of being a boring brand, and this is something they are fully aware of. Many of the posts simply feature photos you wouldn’t mind sharing with your friends. In other words, instant engagement.

It just gives a clear brand message of zaniness and fun, and the fact the brand has focused on this makes them an up and coming brand. They know what they have to do, and they are doing it with gusto.

A key post and one that brought them 3.4% engagement (not bad for a small company) is this one. Look at it, see how it uses an image perfectly and see how you can use striking imagery and a cheeky sense of humour for your band.

Lesson number two: Use humour if you possess it, and if it fits naturally with your brand.

Kitchen Cabinet Kings

Another slice of craziness, and one that is proving to be uber popular right now. This company has taken the slightly weird approach to new heights, with images that kind of linger. Witness the cover photo/image. Crazy, right?

But dig a little deeper and you’ll see why this brand is developing a healthy following. There’s nothing accidental here, and we have a company that is clearly focused on offering something of unique value to the visitor. The brand has taken on one key piece of advice that every brand on Facebook would do well to heed.

It has created a page that is essentially as good as any website and made it easier for visitors to find information, and to buy. This sounds almost too basic, but if you think about it, with the ease of use and access that comes with Facebook, a one-stop-shop makes perfect sense.

A key post is this one. Simple and easy to access for anyone, it’s a perfect little photo that shows off their product in its best possible light.

They have done tons of stuff here that keeps them very relevant, but the one thing we like (apart from the amazing photos) is the ‘shop now’ tab. Small but effective, it gives the visitor a reason to click.

Lesson number three: Use Facebook’s option to create tabs. It works.


Pretty much what it says on the tin with these guys. A Facebook page for a brand that wants to make the lives of anyone who prepares lunch boxes that little bit easier.

So you’ll see tips and advice on making lunchboxes less of a chore than they generally are. You’ll also find a completely practical approach to the whole lunch thing.

This post is a key example of the ridiculous level of help the brand provides.

On top of that, sprinkle a sense of humour and some of the brightest, ‘wake up’ imagery we have ever seen on Facebook. It’s designed to get you moving, and you come here for an answer or two to lunchbox dilemmas.

You will literally find a fun lunchbox idea or some help pretty much every time you visit. So again it’s back to that website concept, but it’s done with such style.

The key thing they’re doing right is the usefulness. The page is useful, first and foremost. You can’t walk away from this page without a plan of action for lunch.

Lesson number four: Keep your page useful to the very highest degree to emulate this success.

Pool Supply World

Ok, hands up if you instantly thought that this brand could never be anything but boring? Pool supplies do not immediately sound sexy, and this means the company had a major mountain to climb before it would gain any kind of traction.

But it did gain traction. The page is a success, and there are a number of reasons why. The aim is to bring fun to pool supplies (stick with us) and these guys have taken it to another level by installing a game on their page.

Poolaga is no next-gen shooter, but it is great fun, and actually makes you stay on their page for longer. And it also conveys their message of fun times. With pool supplies.

Lesson number five: Keep innovating, including trying stuff like making a game

Some ideas here then, on how to add a little panache to your Facebook page. Keeping it fun and different can sometimes feel like a chore. You don’t need a game like Poolaga, but generally trying to be different brings more engagement and much better branding.

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