Digital marketing is growing at an exponential rate. In fact, if you have a business and you’re not utilizing digital marketing by now, it’s essential that you get on board.

One of digital marketing’s best tools is the good old social media ad. Yep, 2020 is seeing a resurgence of Facebook Ads and you’re going to want to jump on this train before it leaves the station with your target market on it.

You may be rolling your eyes, thinking about the trouble or lack of success that you’ve had with Facebook Advertising in the past. Don’t worry. We’re here to show you the ropes and help you put forth the absolute best Facebook Ads that will bring you tons of traffic and increase your conversions.

Read the secrets of 4 experts that will revolutionize your Facebook advertising campaigns:

1. Focus on the Profitability, Not Just on the Cost Per Lead

Jennifer Spivak​, Founder of #TeamSpivak, believes that the standard approach of focusing on the lowest cost does a disservice because it doesn’t always give the full context and may not always yield in the best results in terms of profitability.

Spivak encourages people to provide a call to action that isn’t only looking at top of the funnel metrics that don’t necessarily connect to profitability. Instead, she teaches people to have a more zoomed out, holistic, and comprehensive view as to what drives the result.

“When you start out with new clients, you will be able to see quickly which audience is cheapest in terms of cost per leads,” Spivak says. “If you didn’t know better, you’d put money on ads that way. But what we see time and time again is that the audience that is most expensive is where people take more next steps. It’s short-sighted to solely look at cost per lead. If they’re expensive to reach, that may indicate higher quality leads.”

2. Dive into your Customers’ Perception of the Offer

Often, it’s not the copy or ad that is keeping people away, it’s the offer. CEO of Allie Bloyd Media, ​Allie Bloyd​, tells people that the offer can keep customers away if it’s not something that they need.

Bloyd says, “One thing that I think business owners struggle with is coming up with a very strong offer. They don’t truly understand what the offer looks like. Most people think offers have to be discounted, undervaluing, etc.”

Bloyd encourages people to come up with the right offer in order to increase lifetime value on the backend.

“There are a couple of different offer types that work super well; a lot of my clients have high ticket one-time purchases, or purchases more than once that are spread out a bit,” explains Bloyd.

There is often a disconnect between what customers need and what the business needs. Focus on in-person events and commodity offers. With commodity offers, you can bundle things up, taking things that would naturally go together, put them into a bundle price, and present it as a whole. Customers see this as a great value.

3. Have your Regular Facebook Ad Run with Multiple Placements

Sales Funnel Strategist, ​Alexandra Ramirez​, explains that having your regular Facebook ad running with multiple placements will help you get low cost, high-quality leads.

Ramirez says, “One of the more under-leveraged placements within Facebook (and Instagram…) advertising is Instagram story placement. This option allows you to customize the graphic that you use for the ad.”

Ramirez encourages people to use the Instagram story ad video by recoding a 15 second video explaining your call to action that includes text for those with muted stories.

4. Build Up your Audience Before Selling

Kelly Sturtevant, Facebook Ads Specialist, teaches people to not throw money at their ads without having a built up audience. She encourages people to run ads in a tiered strategy, similar to a funnel. This is where having a lead magnet or a free opt-in will enable you to build a cold audience into a warm audience, making sure they are more receptive to converting to your offers.

“Having more than one offer can make a difference between what your audience will purchase versus not purchase,” Sturtevant explains. “What may get someone in a small ticket price may turnaround down the line to higher-priced products. Build up your audience.”

Sturtevant teaches people to build ads as their funnel by using their initial video to build brand awareness. She says anything that will help build awareness will help build conversions. She also encourages people to use retargeting.

“A cold audience that can be retargeted with a smaller offer or larger brand awareness to higher ticket offers would convert so much better than simply sending cold traffic to it.”