Reason 1 why your Facebook marketing doesn’t work: Not enough followers

Facebook pages gain momentum as they grow. The more followers you have, the more you’ll attract. Most Facebook marketing doesn’t work until you have at least 1000 followers.

Be sure to invite all your Facebook friends to like your page. Make sure there is a spot on your website where customers can like your Facebook page and don’t be shy about asking customers to like you on Facebook. Finally, consider using Facebook Advertising as an inexpensive and effective way to get more likes for your page.Facebook Marketing doesn

Reason 2 why your Facebook Marketing doesn’t work: Your posts suck

Facebook marketing doesn’t work if you treat it like a billboard for advertising. Facebook demands engagement. If you’re not entertaining your followers, they’ll ignore and unfollow you.

The goal for every post you put on Facebook should be to get as many likes, comments, and share as you can. Popular posts include jokes, inspirational quotes, attractive photography, and videos (just make sure everything is somehow relevant to your business model). Engage with customers by asking questions, taking polls, and holding contests. If you’ve tried all of that and your Facebook marketing still doesn’t work, hire an experienced marketer to handle it for you.Facebook marketing doesn

Reason 3 why your Facebook marketing doesn’t work: You’re not asking for the sale

If you have a popular Facebook page but you’re not seeing any ROI, the problem is likely that you are not asking for the sale.

For every 4-5 purely entertaining posts, be sure to make one post that invites followers to do business with you. This could be a sales promotion, a new product announcement or a video of your latest TV ad. Whatever it is make sure to link to the page on your website that makes you money (a sales or lead generation page).

Again, if Facebook marketing is something you struggle with, consider getting in touch with an experienced online marketer to help you out.

A well placed buy now button like this will help if your website is not generating sales

Reason 4 why your Facebook marketing doesn’t work: You’re ignoring Insights

Facebook offers great data on who’s following your page and what they are responding to. These analytics are not available for personal Facebook accounts, so be sure to sign up for a professional business page rather than using your personal account on Facebook.

Once you have a business page, take a look at the Insights. Find out what the demographics of your audience is – does it match your target market? If not, then it’s no surprise your Facebook marketing doesn’t work – you’re not reaching the people your product appeals to.

You can also use Insights to determine what types of posts are most popular, which ones drive traffic to your website, and even what time of day you should be posting.Facebook Insights Graph

If your Facebook marketing doesn’t work then it is a waste of your time and money. If you’d like to learn how to use Facebook as one facet of a larger marketing strategy contact Mystique Marketing for a marketing communications consultation.

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