Want to enhance your Facebook advertising skills and increase conversions? Over the years, Facebook have remained one of the most effective social media platforms in terms of generating positive return on investment. Although Facebook have been around for a while, new strategies and techniques frequently emerge as Facebook continues to roll out new features on its evolving advertising platform. Here’s what you’ll learn in this post:

  • Techniques that will lower your cost per acquisition
  • How to retarget to people who view your website
  • How to track actions that people take on your website
  • How to get around Facebook advertising character restraints

1) Use Facebook Dark Posts to Engage Multiple Audiences with Highly Relevant Content

Facebook dark posts are posts that appear in the news feed but does not actually publish onto your Facebook page. This allows you to promote content and tailor it to different audiences, without it appearing to be evasive to your Facebook fans. You can also A/B test certain messages and images to the same audience to identify what performs better. Ultimately, Facebook dark posts will help you become more relevant to the people you are targeting. And as we know, the more relevant an ad is to the recipient, the more likely the recipient will take action on the advertisement.
Here’s how you can setup Facebook dark posts:

1. Go to Facebook ads manager

2. Go to Facebook Power Editor

3. Click Manage Pages and Create Post

4. Click the Radio Button that says Unpublished Post

For more information on dark posts, visit Dark Posts: Best Facebook Advertising Right Now

2) Install Conversion Pixels to Measure the Success of Your Advertising Efforts

In order to identify advertisements that truly impact your business, it is critical to install conversion pixels on every Facebook advertisement that you create. In the past, you may have measured the success of your Facebook ad by “cost-per-click” or “cost-per-thousand-impressions”. However, there may be scenarios in which ads with the lowest cost-per-click generate less conversions than an advertisement with a higher cost-per-click. To avoid being misguided by metrics, stay focused on the end goal of generating conversions.
Here is an ad by a local wellness spa that was able to create an ad that converted new leads at $3 per customer, after installing conversion pixels.

Here is how you can install Facebook conversion pixels

  1. Go to Facebook ads manager
  2. Go to conversion tracking
  3. Create pixel
  4. Copy the code and paste it on your website

3) Leverage Remarketing Audiences to Dramatically Increase Conversions

On average, less than 10% of people who view your website will convert on the first visit. Because of this, Facebook’s remarketing feature has dramatically increased conversion rates for many companies. The people who view your website are most likely to be more interested and more likely to convert than an audience that is unfamiliar with your brand. At LYFE Marketing, we tested a remarketing campaign to previous website visitors and we accomplished an 8.511%, which was 4x higher than native efforts.

Here’s how you can setup remarket your brand to your website visitors:

  1. Go to Facebook ads manager
  2. Go to “Audiences”
  3. Create a new audience
  4. Select people who visit your website
  5. Copy the pixel and paste it on your website
  6. Create an advertisement and select your website custom audience

4) Take Advantage of Power Editor to Do More with Facebook Advertising

Facebook’s Power Editor is a tool created by Facebook to help manage multiple advertising campaigns efficiently. On the forefront, it can be used to create advertisements faster. However, there are functions that you can perform within Power Editor that cannot be performed with the normal Facebook ads tool. Here’s what you can do:

  • Avoid character restraints on your advertisements (you can write paragraphs if you wanted to)
  • Schedule advertisements to run at certain times during the day
  • There are more bidding options available for marketing objectives
  • Duplicate campaigns and test different audiences within a few clicks  Create dark posts (as mentioned earlier)