Facebook ads

We love email. It’s one of the most effective and accountable marketing channels out there.

But when you incorporate Facebook too, you can bump up your conversion rates and improve the success of your entire campaign. All you need is the email addresses of the people you are targeting.

Cutting through the noise of the www is about being consistent. When you run the same campaign — or share the same message — across multiple channels you tend to get better results. For example, expanding your email campaign to Facebook can make your conversion stats extremely easy on the eye.

In this article we introduce the opportunities and explain why they get results.

Target those who engaged with your email

With Facebook ads, you can set up a campaign that is displayed in the timelines of the exact people who have clicked a specific link in your email.

The fact that these people have not only opened your email but clicked a link too shows that they are engaged with your brand and are familiar with your campaign. That makes it more likely that they will take action when they see a relevant ad in their Facebook timeline.

Run campaigns based on when people clicked

Facebook ads allow you to zero-in on a specific group of people for highly targeted messaging. For example, not only can you target people who have visited a specific webpage, but people who have done so within a specific timeframe.

Avoid re-advertising

Advertising to people who have already converted is a waste: a waste of your money and a waste of your prospect’s time. With Facebook ads you can set parameters on your campaign that hide your ads from people who have already performed a certain action — for example, clicked your Facebook ad or completed your registration process.

Create an ad that’s highly relevant

When you know exactly who’s going to be seeing your ad, you can create a campaign that’s nuanced accordingly. You could even go as far as explaining why the recipient is seeing your ad.

For example, “Remember we emailed you on Wednesday?” or “Thanks for reading what we had to say about the Parisian bat problem”. Some people will appreciate that level of honesty. Others might be creeped out about being tracked. You know your audience. Call it as you see it.

Knowledge is power. Make the most of it.

The more you know about your target audience, the easier it is to craft a message that resonates. Combining your email campaigns with Facebook ads allows you to zero-in on those most likely to convert: the people who know your business and are engaging with your content.

Giving these people an extra nudge on Facebook is an efficient way to spend your marketing budget. And it’s more likely to get results compared with targeting people at random who may never have heard of you.