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A leading challenge for many business owners is achieving direct engagement through their Facebook ads. While millions are now harnessing Facebook to make contact with friends, family, and coworkers, small business owners are struggling to capitalize on the traffic available. A leading cause behind the problem is a limited understanding on Facebook page design. In this latest post, we’ll explore more on the problem and highlight three tips for improving ad engagement on Facebook.

3 Tips to Improve Facebook Engagement

  1. Test Photos to Minimize Wasted Time

Business owners often find that their promoted posts are disapproved by Facebook as a result of a photo resolution issue. The issue could be minor but without a clear understanding on Facebook specifications, you won’t be able to achieve approval. It’s important to test the ad first before integrating it within your page. Facebook image text detection tool will be a good fit for this.

  1. Use Video Promotions

Facebook has recently updated their specifications regarding video ad content. You’re now able to upload videos as long as 120 minutes and up to 4GB in size. One of the important benefits of this change is the improvements that it can bring to your video promotions. You can now add HD content to your business page, vastly improving the chances of attracting qualified buyers and building your connection with the Facebook audience.

  1. Focus on Your Headlines

They’re the one element that all visitors will see when they click on the page. But many companies still rush the creation of headlines. Facebook provides you with space for 25 characters within your promotional headlines. Make sure you use this space wisely and work with expert content creators to build headlines that sell your brand to audiences.

By closely reviewing the latest page specifications Facebook provides for promotional pages, company leaders can optimize their content for specific audiences across all devices.