Facebook’s recent shift and emphasis on video content has opened up a world of video advertising opportunities for brands and agencies. Ad execs are now realizing that video is the next big tool for targeting the platform’s huge video viewing audience and getting higher conversions on their Facebook ad dollars.

  • Click-through rates for paid video placements are 2-3X higher than other types of Facebook Ads
  • According to a Nielsen study, Facebook users are impacted by video ads even before viewing them for a full second
  • A recent poll by Advertising Age and RBC revealed that over 60% of US marketers have purchased or are likely to purchase Facebook video ads in the coming year

Given the impact of video on Facebook, more brands both big and small will be embracing video advertising. Facebook itself confirmed that “more than 1 million small business owners have posted videos to Facebook and done small ad buys around them”. So here is our primer for digital agencies who want to quickly and easily include video advertising in their client’s Facebook campaigns:

1. Determine Campaign Objective & Content Needs

You can create video ads on Facebook using any of these ad objectives:

  1. Get video views
  2. Promote Your Page
  3. Get Installs of Your App

Zero in on your campaign objective to guide your decisions on the style and content for your video. There are a number of video styles that can help your client connect with their audience, but the stop and scroll nature of the newsfeed demands that the video grab attention quickly and harness the power of storytelling to retain it. What’s encouraging is that you no longer have to take the overwhelming task of ad production upon yourself and can turn to video ad creation specialists to create captivating video ads quickly and on budget.

2. Match Content to Your Target Audience

Facebook’s granular ad targeting is based on real people as opposed to cookies, which lets brands more accurately segment and target ads to a cross-section of the audience based on location, age, gender, interests and even recent behaviors.

This is a great opportunity for advertisers to create more relevant advertising, but also a great challenge when it comes to video content. Agencies advertising on Facebook need to think of multiple creatives to target specific audiences and also think of ad alternatives that enable A/B testing. To ensure high engagement and conversions from your video ad spends, it is important to align your ad creative to match the exact audience you want to speak to.

Digital agencies with in-house production teams can always create these creative opportunities internally. But smaller teams and agencies scrambling to meet their go-to-market deadlines can also benefit from advanced video content targeting by outsourcing their video ad creation and bringing specialists on-board.

3. Optimize Your Video Ad for the Platform

Once you finalize your video’s style and content, a final step to get your video ad ready is to make sure that it adheres toFacebook’s design guidelines.

Optimizing your video ad to meet these requirements will ensure that your client’s video ad always looks high quality and represents their brand on Facebook in the best possible way. Note these requirements before-hand if you are producing your ad internally or communicate it to video ad producer in case you are outsourcing production.

Facebook Video Ad Optimization

Bring Your Client’s Business to Life with Facebook Video Ads

Interesting creatives combined with focused targeting plans have benefited many small and big Facebook advertisers with additional reach and higher sales. With full-range of ad creation services now available to marketers and agencies, there is no reason why your client’s brand shouldn’t benefit too.

*This post originally appeared on the SoMedia Video Marketing Blog