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Businesses should always know the latest marketing features and how to use them in order to have a competitive edge. Facebook has a lot of features that most businesses still do not know about. The following are three features on Facebook that businesses should take advantage of for their marketing initiatives in order to take them to the next level.

1. New Facebook Ads Features

Facebook’s ads platform offers a broad range of placement options beyond the established newsfeed. Facebook Messenger ads are one of the placement options where it provides an opportunity for you to enter into conservations with potential customers immediately and provide them with a highly customized experience. This feature allows you to answer questions or schedule appointments directly inside the Messenger app.

In-stream video ads are another one of the placement options where it provides prime advertising space with the popularity of video. This option has the capacity to bring significant brand awareness. It provides you with the opportunity to reach audiences by permitting advertisers to supply 5–15 second mid-roll video ads within live and non-live videos.

2. Facebook Live Marketing Features

Facebook live is becoming increasingly popular among businesses. There are a few hidden features that businesses should know about including the livestream pre-scheduling feature, and the feature of combining your Product Shop with your Facebook Live.

The livestream pre-scheduling feature is a relatively new feature that is n available for business pages. To organize this, you would access the publishing tools on your Facebook page and go to the video library. From this point, you can create and pre-schedule a Facebook live stream. This generates anticipation for your video and allows viewers the option to mark their calendars so they can tune in.

The feature of combining your Product Shop with your Facebook Live can only be used on your page if you set the Product Shop up first. This will allow you provide an infomercial style broadcast. After setting this up, this will let you mention products in your livestream, and tag the specific products in your video, allowing users to access the links to purchase the products directly on Facebook. Adding a targeting ad to this video will help you increase your visibility and bottom line.

Strategically partnering with Facebook influencers can be a great way to implement a successful influencer marketing campaign.

3. Facebook Product Shops

Facebook provides a feature where businesses could sell their products directly on their Page. This tool is called Facebook Product Shops, and it is free. Businesses could set up a product shop in just a few minutes. This tool provides you the option of choosing whether you want users to purchase directly on Facebook, or complete the purchase on your website.

Selling products directly from your Facebook Page will allow you to access an existing audience that totals close to two billion users. This tool also allows you to put your products right in front of your existing Facebook fans.

If your brand is not taking advantage of these 3 features, then you could be missing out on tons of great marketing and sales opportunities.