Any online or off-line business needs to be advertising on Facebook to acquire new leads and customers in 2014 if they want to thrive. Why? With Facebook’s new custom audience features, business owners can laser-target their audience on Facebook for fractions less than traditional media. This results in extremely targeted and cost effective leads. Here are 3 tools to help you get started with creating custom audiences on Facebook.


FBLeadChef is a software application that runs in Adobe air on both Mac and PC that allows you to extract user IDs and email addresses through the Facebook API.

Using the Power Editor inside Facebook (with the Google Chrome browser), you can upload these user IDs into custom audiences. Facebook will then show your ads only to the people inside of this custom audience.

One of the most powerful features included in FBLeadChef with is the ability to extract ‘Passionate’ users from groups and pages. The tool will search for people within a group or a page who have a higher than average activity level on that group or page. This is extremely powerful for targeting the 20% of your market that spends 80% of the money.

Some of the features of FBLeadChef include:

– Search Groups and Pages
– Extract users IDs and email addresses
– Extract ‘Passionate’ users from groups or pages

Visit the FBLeadsChef website for more information about this tool.

Social Leads Freak


Social Leads Freak is an even more powerful tool then FBLeadChef. It allows you to do almost everything FBLeadChef does, except for extracting passionate users from a group or a page.

This could be a downside to some people, however, Social Leads Freak makes up for it with its ability to search inside of Facebook users status updates. This feature lets you type in a keyword or URL and extract the user IDs of every person on Facebook who either posted that URL or mentioned that keyword phrase in one of their status updates or comments.

For marketers, this is a very powerful way to target users who are actually talking about their product or service, or the problem that your product or service solves.
Social Leads Freak is more expensive than FBLeadChef, with its single user license starting at $97. It also works on both Mac and PC because it runs on Adobe air.

Visit the Social Leads Freak website for more information about this tool.



DataReach is a new kid on the block, so to speak. It was released in private beta in January 2014 and is now available to the public.

What’s different about DataReach is that unlike the other two tools, it is not an actual software application that runs on Adobe air. Instead, it is a WordPress plug-in that works on your WordPress website so it is both PC and Mac compatible.

DataReach has most of the features above, including the ability to search groups, pages, status updates, and people. What makes this tool even more powerful though is its ability to combine the user IDs that you extract from groups, pages, or status updates together with one click. This lets you create custom audiences extremely quickly with little hassle.

The most important feature of all, however, is the Demographic Analysis feature. This feature lets you view the exact demographics of people responding to your offer inside of DataReach. It works by having users click a Facebook Connect button and share their information with the application. Then, you can sort people by age, gender, location, groups, pages, and more.

Using this data, you can further target your custom audience based on who becomes a lead. This will help you eliminate people who were just curious and only target the people your business can help the most.

For more information visit the DataReach website.

Advertising In 2014 And Beyond

These three tools are a must-have for every serious Facebook marketer or business owner. Using these tools with a deep understanding of your audience can help any online or off-line business attract more leads for less upfront cost than nearly any other medium in existence. For this reason, 2014 is the year you need to be focusing on Facebook advertising or get left behind.

Which path are you going to choose?