Facebook is one of the biggest social giants for customer service; with a longer character count, access to Groups and business locations, it makes it even easier for us to access and voice our opinions.

Improving customer service will boost your brand loyalty and could build you a great fortune. But only if you do it right! Follow some of these tips to improve communications with your customers:

1. Manage negative comments

Many of us shy away from negativity on social media but you should embrace it with open arms; it’s all part of running a business.

Make sure you respond directly to the complaint; keep your tone courteous and reassuring to the customer. Every one you deal with is human, just like you, so don’t panic. If you can, put yourself in their shoes. It will help you understand how they are feeling and be personable.

If your business is to blame it’s important you accept the fault and agree to problem solve openly.

Image taken from KLM Facebook page

2. Don’t ignore queries

It’s important you show them that you are listening, unlike telephone calls, these queries can be seen worldwide so you shouldn’t be ignoring them.

Yes, you will always receive queries on Facebook that will take that little longer to resolve, just like you would with a phone call. Simply reply back to the user with a holding statement and reassure them you are looking into it, but don’t forget to follow up.

3. Customer service crisis planning

This is a great way to prepare your team for a customer service crisis on social media. If you’re new to managing customer queries on Facebook you can plan your own possible scenarios; create your own cases, distinguish the contacts and duration times and plan your responses in a personable manner.

It’s useful to try and plan the worst possible scenarios, ones that may find you challenged with a difficult customer or even a risk for business reputation or even health.