Facebook interest based ads

Eighteen months ago, Facebook had 1 million active advertisers, today the social networking giant has announced that it has 2 million active advertisers. On this occasion Facebook rolled out a new mobile application called Facebook Ads Manager. Initially available only on iOS in US it will be rolled out worldwide over the next few weeks. An Android version is also in the works and will launch later this year, said Facebook.

The effort of introducing an app, comes close on the heels after the company had introduced the Ads Manager mobile site, last summer. As stated by TC, the app allows its users to create and edit ads, track spending, view ad results, receive ad-related notifications, and more. These notifications can alert advertisers to things like ads that are coming up for expiration, when you’re nearing a spending limit, or other ad performance metrics, like Page Likes or how your ad compares to other similar ad sets.

The app enables smooth designing of the ads from start to finish directly on the phone, all thanks to its simple interface. From selecting photos from your phone, to targeting desired audience, and to narrow down that audience by demographic information,everything happens with ease on the app.

In addition, users can edit their ad budgets and schedules in the app, and update their payment methods as need be. And if you get distracted while in the middle of creating an ad, the new app will allow you to save the ad as a draft in order to return to it later.

Speaking to Reuters, Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg informed that out of the 2 million advertisers, majority are small to medium sized businesses. “Small business owners are really hard to reach and they are not tech savvy usually.” She further added that the fastest areas of growth of small business advertising are in regions of Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific.

The new iOS app indicates Facebook’s continuous focus on improving its ad tools specially for the developed markets in recent months – something that has allowed the company to grow its average ad revenue from each of its 206 million U.S. and Canadian users 24 percent in Q4 2014 from $6.64 to $8.26, despite only small increases in the user base itself.

However, the new milestone is a fraction of a figure in comparison to the 30 million businesses around the world that have Facebook Pages. While Facebook is determined to create more opportunities for advertisers, it would be inclined to bring the 35 percent of small businesses that don’t have a web presence at all.

But getting more advertisers on its platform is critical for Facebook as it tries to increase its global share. Facebook’s ad revenues add up only from developed markets and developing markets like India which have more than 100 million active users hardly contribute.

On the other hand Google, which held 31.1 percent of the market last year, according to eMarketer still dominates the space with Facebook having 7.8 percent market share. But Google’s slice has shrunk slightly, down from 33.6 percent in 2013 where as Facebook increased its share to 7.8 percent in 2014 from 5.8 percent in 2013. Facebook is pushing a lot harder than Google and is getting noticed by advertisers.