Is it just me or is =12yl727th6f3 not exactly the easiest web address to remember? This is an example of what newly created Facebook fan page URLs all resembled prior to a very exciting recent update from Facebook.

This week announced that Facebook pages no longer need to acquire 25 likes before creating a unique URL for their page. This is great news for companies who have recently launched, or are planning to launch, a company page on Facebook. Prior to this enhancement, Facebook pages with less than 25 likes had URLs that made no sense and provided zero brand recognition for the page (see above). Now, companies can more easily tap into the massive Facebook social network with improved URLs that include either their company name or perhaps their target keywords. For example, one of our favorite non-profits uses the custom URL of

Why does this matter? First off, it’s just plain easier to direct people to a custom URL rather than a stream of code-like numbers, letters, and symbols. It also helps with brand consistency and recognition, creating a memorable web address for fans to easily return to. A custom URL is also easier to include in marketing messages such as email signatures or print materials. Another great benefit that many people overlook is a Facebook page can be indexed in search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. That means your Facebook page can rank separately in the search engines when people are searching for your company name or products and services. Each additional spot you own in the search engine ranks is one more opportunity to be discovered (and one less opportunity for your competitors).

Ready to create a Facebook page unique URL? Follow the steps below:

If you already have a page but not a custom URL:

1. Go to and select your fan page

2. Insert the unique URL name you would like to use and hit “Check Availability”

3. If the name isn’t in use, it is all yours! If not, keep trying until you find one that is available.

4. Consider getting a custom URL that contains your favorite keyword instead. For example, if you are a Nashville PR firm, you may want to consider the URL of

If you don’t yet have a page, follow these steps:

1. Go to and click “+ Create Page” in the upper right hand corner

2. Follow the steps to create the type of page that best describes your company or organization

3. Launch the page and click the “Edit” button in the upper-right hand corner

4. Click on “Basic Information” from the left sidebar

5. Select the option “Create a username for this page.”

6. Select your name of choice as stated above.

It is important to note that you can avoid the 25 likes rule only one time. If you want to create another page with a custom URL, you’ll need to obtain 25 likes first. You should also note that when you create a unique URL for your page, you can never change it. So make sure the URL will always be applicable to your company.

What’s your favorite Facebook page? Let us know in the comments.

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