Latest 2016 Facebook updatesThe interfaces, functionality, and popularity of social media channels are ever changing. Facebook is a leader in this space, continuously upgrading and enhancing features based on popular demand. Facebook knows its users and molds the platform to compete with other social media channels. Don’t you see those update notifications on your social apps constantly? Keep up, social media mavens!

In 2015, Facebook launched a stand-alone Facebook messenger browser experience to allow users to chat with other Facebook users without the distractions of unrelated notifications, the News Feed, Timeline, Photos, and more. This first update I’m going to mention is a similar spinoff.

Facebook Events App

Facebook has launched a stand-alone app for events now available on iOS systems and soon on Android devices. The app allows Facebook users to quickly and easily browse upcoming events based on likes and connections. The company says more than 100 million people a day use Facebook Events.

Facebook Events App

Imagine your timeline: all of the updates are based on event associated activity. Facebook users are able to filter events based on location and time. The app also includes its own calendar that allows users to view their overall schedule of events they are planning to attend.

This app can play a role in a business’ marketing strategy promoting events, receiving RSVPs, and sharing information about the event to everyone who is interested.

Facebook Recommendations

Part of the Facebook experience is being able to connect with close friends and family for advice and information. Facebook is currently testing a new means of streamlining this process by rolling out a “Get Recommendations” feature. Users will be able to turn on the recommendations functionality when writing a post they are seeking advice on.

Connected peers will be able to actively offer suggestions and recommendations via the recommendations posts that will be distinguishable from a standard post on your timeline. Facebook said a recommendations tab will be shown when logged in via desktop in the first round of testing. The tab will act as a shortcut to use this feature and display all recent requests for recommendations from current Facebook connections. The company has not shared any additional information if the feature will expand past recommending local businesses in a more pronounced way.

Testing is currently only confirmed in certain parts of the US and will only roll out in stages. Businesses on Facebook should make sure their information is updated on their profile to ensure profitable recommendations.

Enhancement to Local Business Call to Action

Previously, the Local Business Pages call to action was fairly basic and directed Facebook users to the company’s website. Facebook is further developing this process and allowing for additional interactions with local businesses to take place within the social network.

The new local business actions include:

  • Order food
  • Request an Appointment
  • Get a quote
  • Get tickets

These added features open up a direct response advertising route using Facebook. We should expect a shift in the way local businesses consider Facebook within the context of their marketing strategy.

Facebook Accounts Management App

As social media managers, we juggle numerous smartphones and devices and save and memorize different passwords. We are always wondering, “Am I logged in to the right account?!” Facebook has unveiled a new feature to help streamline this process using a universal inbox to manage communications for Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram. Go ahead and take a moment to be excited – we just did!

The inbox allows marketers easier access to review comments, reviews, and direct messages by consumers. Additional features will provide businesses with more insights on how to interact with potential customers based on publicly available information.

As social media channels continue to evolve, make sure you are strategically enhancing your marketing strategies accordingly.