Facebook LikeWith all of the resistance we’ve been seeing in our Facebook, Twitter, and Google feeds today regarding the Facebook updates, we thought we would point out some positives.

Some “likes” that we’re hearing around the office…

  1. “Tag review – now you can preview items that you are tagged in and approve or remove.”
  2. “You can post multiple birthday wishes at the same time!”
  3. “I like the lists – I can view updates from just my neighbors vs. my close friends.”
  4. “You can now view and be more in touch with what is going on with all of your friends. Who would of thought?”
  5. “I like that they combined the Top News and Most Recent stories together in a single News Feed view. I hated having to toggle back and forth so that’s much easier.”
  6. “Overall the experience is starting to become more universal.”
  7. “It’s like a mobile command center. Everything is at your fingertips.”
  8. “The real-time feed helps spread content like wildfire.”
  9. “The bigger photo thumbnails in the newsfeed are nice.”
  10. “The new photo collage feature when uploading more than one photo is cool.”
  11. “I like that I can ‘unmark’ something as a top story – this actually is reminiscent of the Gmail’s ‘important’ feature for your inbox email – now you can determine what’s important and what’s probably just junk mail.”
  12. “It’s hard to miss the popular posts now.”
  13. “I like the real-time newsfeed and seeing what people are posting that I might have missed otherwise. It makes it more engaging.”

Feel free to add YOUR “likes” in the comments!

Photo: Owen Walker Brown