Every new change has been challenged and Facebook has not been an exception. When Facebook launched it’s timeline feature for brand pages in the month of March, most of them felt it was unnecessary and boring too. However, I had written why these changes can add better visibility and one such feature itself is the timeline. As we know that the timeline feature allows us to go back in the past and this itself could be used as a story telling feature. Most of the Indian brands that are on Facebook today want to target the youth, so wouldn’t it be smart to showcase your brands history to the younger generation via the timeline feature. Surprisingly, when I did a study on the top 100 brands on Facebook ranked by SocialBakers, I found only 13 brands understood the beauty of the Timeline and have used it impressively. Here’s presenting the 13 brands that have used the timeline feature creatively:

1. Vodafone Zoozoo’s: Vodafone Zoozoo’s have the cutest timeline. Along with the images they have also used videos to tell the story of Zoozoos that started in the 1000′s. The good thing about the Vodafone Zoozoos timeline is that it has shown the timeline in a very cool story format connecting all the years. It also goes without saying that fans have loved the timeline.

2. Nokia India: The brand has used the timeline to showcase its history to its fans. From being created in 1871 in Finland, the brand has showcased all it’s mobile models and shown how the brand has evolved over time. I was not aware that Nokia used to manufacture tyres and rubber boots before manufacturing user-friendly phones!

Nokia India Facebook

3. Know Your Neighbors: Nescafe India’s Facebook page has used the timeline feature but not in an extensive way. However the brand shares some important facts such as being launched in 1938 in Switzerland and only in selected places in India in 1963. We would love to know more about the history, may be it will make fans excited if Nescafe India can share photographs of the shops that sold Nescafe in India.

nescafe india facebook

4. Blackberry India: The timeline will take you down memory lane if you have been a lover of Blackberry smartphones. The brand has used the timeline creatively displaying all the devices from the time it had been manufacturing. However, I found the Nokia India timeline much more smartly designed.

Blackberry India facebook

5. Intel India: Intel has used the timeline displaying it’s story from the day it was founded. The brand also shares its growth in India and how it started it first sales office in Bengaluru with just 5 employees.

Intel India facebook

6. Sensational Maybelline: The timeline that would be definitely loved by females, is interesting and has been used effectively displaying the history and the milestones achieved till day. The brand is targeting the Indian market but has no reference in the timeline surprisingly.

sensational maybelline facebook

7. Thank You Mom India: P&G which was initially RHL in 1964 has taken the pains to design the timeline sharing the product innovations it has made till day. The timeline is a great way to go nostalgic and read the great stories about the products it has launched.

thank you mom india facebook

8. BMW India: The brand that could track back its roots to 1916 has used the timeline to showcase how it has evolved with different phases in the business. Besides this the brand also shares the amazing association it has with India.

BMW India Facebook

9. Sony India: The brand has used the timeline creatively displaying the various products Sony launched till day. From the founding days to the fist Walkman to the first cd player, it has shared everything with a little history along with it. However the brand fails to share its association with India on the timeline.

Sony India Facebook

9. Bacardi Mixxxology: The brand known for its rum worldwide has used the timeline effectively. Along with the historical milestones, the brand has shared the stories about its favorite drinks. However Bacardi has failed to showcase it’s association with India in the timeline, like BMW India has done.

Bacardi India Facebook

10. Gillette India: The brand that was born in the early nineteenth century has used the timeline to showcase the different product launches till day. The timeline is interesting but like Sony India it has also failed to show its association with India.

Gillette India facebook

11. ICICI Bank: The only Indian bank in the list which has used the timeline feature in a creative way. The bank has taken the pains to share the cherished history of the brand from the day it was founded i.e. 1955.

icici bank facebook

12. Smirnoff India: Smirnoff has a tempting timeline like Bacardi India but Smirnoff has driven more engagement on the timeline. The brand has not only shared interesting milestones but has encouraged fans to guess on the questions that it had asked.

smirnoff india facebook

13. Mercedes Benz India: The brand has extensively used the timeline and shared the entire history from the 18th century till date. The brand has not only talked about its history but at the same time it has shared about its association with India too.

Mercedes Benz India

Out of these 13 lovely timelines, Vodafone Zoozoo’s stands out for its unique way of story telling via the timeline. I am sure there would be some other brands who would be telling their stories in fresher ways. Do let me know if you come across any such brand.