12 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Facebook Page

In 2014, more businesses are making the transition to digital marketing and using social media as an active channel to communicate with customers and reach brand milestones. Seventy-one percent of social media users are more likely to buy from a brand they follow online.

However, there are still a lot of business leaders who feel that having a Facebook page would not help their business goals in the long term. Here are 12 reasons why an active Facebook page for your business is critical in 2014:

1. Audience
There are 1.19 billion active users on Facebook as of September 2013. What other platform or channel could you use to reach such a massive audience? The answer is none.

2. Lower Marketing Cost
Setting up a Facebook page for your business is free. Although time and effort are required to make it look nice, that labor cost is recouped many times over from an active and growing community of fans compared to alternative advertising methods like traditional TV or radio spots where audiences tune out your message.

3. Targeted Audience
The Facebook native advertising platform allows you to target your key demographics and is laser focused one who will see your content. This allows community growth from only the fans that want to see your page and interact with your content.

4. Insights and Analytics
Thanks to Facebook Insights, marketers also get access to valuable data about their brand online. Insights house information about who is interacting with your page, when they are interacting, where they are from, and their other interests. This allows businesses to refine their messages based on community needs and filter feedback for brand decisions based on

5. Customer Service and Social Listening
A Facebook page can be a virtual face of any business, and customers use this as a portal for interactions. Customers use Facebook as a channel for questions, customer service inquiries, and more. Smart business owners embrace this opportunity to interact with customers and provide up to date information as well as listen to what customers are saying about their products and services.

6. Brand Loyalty
Customers are loyal. They like good products and to support brands that offer them a way to feel good about buying from them. A Facebook page allows an opportunity to share your brand’s story and background with customers. Sharing your unique story and brand history turns current customers into more word-of-mouth referrals through social media.

7. Brand Awareness
One of the biggest problems facing brands is not that their products or services are bad, but that their target customers are not aware of them yet. Social media can change that by exposing potential fans and customers to your page, content and business.

8. Mobile Ready
In 2014, mobile marketing is taking center stage. Facebook reported that last year, 874 million users used Facebook mobile products. Chances are, your customers want to connect on the go, from their tablet or smartphone, and your business has to be ready. Having a Facebook page is one way to make sure you are prepared and visible to customers on mobile.

9. Authority
Customers verify and qualify their favorite brands and business through a different system than before the internet. Now, a customer won’t just go to a website, they will also visit social media channels to see reviews, content and consider a purchase. Not having an active page is like not having a website, it prevents potential customers from making an informed purchasing decision.

10. Web Traffic
Social media is a great way to get people not only interacting with your business, but to also get them to your website. Social media and especially Facebook is often the first step to visiting a website and from there, possibly making a purchase.

11. SEO
Google now searches and catalogues social media sites, and Facebook ranks high on the list. With an active Facebook page and high-value community, your business Facebook page will bump up your brand’s search rankings.

12. Keep An Eye on Competitors
Even if your business isn’t using Facebook, chances are, your competition is. Facebook is a great way to keep tabs on what your competitors are doing, who is liking their page and what is driving their engagement. You can measure your success based on what is working for you and not for them and vice versa.

In 2014, it is simply not an option for a business to opt out of having a Facebook page. Take advantage of these great opportunities and set one up in a few easy steps. What is your biggest advantage on Facebook? Tweet me at @ErinSRichards with your thoughts!

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