What’s one simple but effective way I can get started using Facebook Live for my business?

1. Build a Following

Facebook is putting a lot of effort into promoting video, especially live video. This is a good reason to integrate this into your business. Hold regular short presentations that are helpful to your customers and prospectives. Message people ahead of time, either on Facebook or via email and let them know when you’re going to be on Facebook Live. Invite people to ask questions and leave comments. – Shawn Porat, Scorely

2. Promote Live Events

We use Facebook Live to promote events, especially when many participants may not be able to attend in person. People from around the globe can tune in without missing a beat because of their geographic distance. – Kelley Weaver, Pursecase

3. Be Authentic

People like to see authenticity. They want to look behind the scenes and understand the inner workings of people and companies. It’s OK to be raw and just begin doing “something” – but consistency is key. If you do a live stream, do it every day at the same time. Your audience will build over time as they can rely on your consistency to deliver the content. – Ryan Shank, PhoneWagon

4. Pass the Microphone

Giving each department an opportunity to broadcast can add a human element to your brand and help engage employees and potential customers alike. Customers will appreciate the realness and inside view, while employees will appreciate the recognition and opportunity to make a difference. – Sam Saxton, Paragon Stairs

5. Do an “Ask Me Anything”

We’re using it internally by doing “Ask Me Anythings.” Create a poll ahead of time, bubble up the questions and then do a 15-25 minute interview on those questions. Keep it real and honest. Have different people do the interviews if you can to keep it engaging and refreshing. – Robert Castaneda, ServiceRocket

6. Provide Weekly In-Office Insights

For true social extension of your business and personal brand, provide weekly or bi-weekly Facebook Live events from your office that discuss thought leadership or a trending topic within your industry. If you are discussing a trending topic that has a centralized problem, provide a solution to that problem. Add value for your social media followers. – Obinna Ekezie, Wakanow.com

7. Leverage Your Team’s Network

Facebook is an informal medium, so let your people and your team become your brand. Get them involved through “guest” live video feeds where you show an hour in the life of an employee, in your office or retail store. This brings your brand to life and adds a human element Facebook users like to engage with. Make sure the video content fits the medium and isn’t overly “produced.” – Dan Golden, BFO (Be Found Online)

8. Study Popular Podcasts

Podcasts follow a format. Some are interview-based shows, some are Q&A and others are based around quick tips, tutorials and ideas to help the listener. You can take the same concepts and apply it to the visual medium – with presentations, whiteboards, documents, and so on. – Thomas Smale, FE International

9. Promote a New Product Launch

Have an upcoming product launch? Use Facebook live! It’s a great tool to use to effectively market your product to your audience. You want to talk about the product’s purpose, its benefits and features and answer any product related questions from your viewers. It’s great for engaging and building rapport with potential customers. – Patrick Barnhill, Specialist ID, Inc.

10. Experiment

Facebook Live has been out for a while now. Get on the train early. Don’t plan to use it – just start using it. Everyone is trying to be perfect. But while it’s new, virtually anything is effective and different and interesting. Be willing to fail and try different types of content. If you’re stuck, watch TV for a while and observe the kinds of content people watch. – Ismael Wrixen, FE International

11. Get Real and Personal

Live broadcasting will allow your customers backstage access to your business. You can utilize that by giving a glimpse into your production facility, office life, client meeting/ interactions. Anytime you can share a personal aspect of yourself and/or your business, you add a layer of authenticity and realness. – Anthony Davani, The Davani Group Inc.