FacebookThe social networking service Facebook was first created for just that reason – a network of social connections between friends, family, classmates etc.  Since its launch in February 2004, it has evolved into much more than just a social network between peers.  As of date, Facebook has over 800 million active users with more than 900 million objects of interaction (this includes pages, groups, events and community pages).  This social networking platforms has become a vital resource for businesses that want to extend their marketing campaigns virally to reach potential customers on the Internet.  Facebooks has continuously made breakthroughs for many companies by enhancing their online presence and reach.

When businesses set up company pages on Facebook, they are able to reach out to a whole community of followers.  These pages can be as simple or thorough as the company wants – it depends on how well they use all the resources available to them through Facebook pages.  Once your company creates a page, they need to continuously update it and post new content to establish and maintain interaction with its followers.  After a user chooses toLike your company page, they will receive your post updates onto their mini-feed.  How efficiently you use your company page will determine how effective it will be. 

Top 10 Ways To Get the Most Out of Your Facebook Company Page

  1. Creative title that is descriptive of your business
  2. Location tab makes it easier for followers to find your business location.
  3. Information tab has basic information and an overview of your company describing what it does and what it offers to its customers.  It also provides website and other social media links.
  4. Post updates on your page’s wall that provides valuable information and are interesting to followers.  This includes blog, website, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon and news updates pertinent to the industry.
  5. Photo and video updates of products, business, events or campaigns that are appealing to followers.
  6. Quizzes and opinion polls/surveys that envoke engagement and interaction with followers.
  7. Contest and promotions allow followers to interact with company offers or contests in the hopes of winning a prize.
  8. Calendar events update and remind followers of dates and times of business campaigns, fundraisers, gatherings or other events.
  9. Facebook advertising allows you to display ads to a targeted market to direct them to either your Facebook page or company website.
  10. Notes lead to discussions among followers and business owners and fosters communication between the two.

Recent research shows that it is important to keep posts short.  Study results show that posts with 80 characters or less had 27% greater engagement rate than longer posts.  Hard-selling approaches are also the least effective.  Posts using words like “events” and “winning” gained more activity than those with words like “buy” and “shop.”  Also, the best days to post updates to your page are Thursdays and Fridays, which were 18% more popular than other days.  Posting after regular business hours increased engagement by 20%.

Facebook is an excellent application that offers companies a free resource to enhance their online presence and reach potential customers.  By creating a company page you are able to develop a following and create fan engagement through valuable and relevant content on a regular basis and use resourceful interactive applications.  Facebook pages give your company the opportunity to engage followers, publicize sponsored events, promote campaigns and discuss topics of interest to your industry or mission.

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