Deborah Roberts interviewed Michelle Obama in June 2012. Photo Credit:

Deborah Roberts interviewed Michelle Obama in June 2012. Photo Credit:

ABC “20/20” correspondent Deborah Roberts has earned several Emmy awards and covered the HIV/AIDS crisis in Africa, California wildfires, abuse within the Amish community, the aftermath of the Persian Gulf War and the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona. A native of Perry, Ga., and a 1982 graduate of the University of Georgia, Deborah began her network career with NBC News in 1990 as a general assignment correspondent and joined the ABC newsmagazine “20/20” in June 1995. Since then, she has also served as a substitute anchor on “Good Morning America” and “World News Weekend.” Deborah resides in Manhattan with her husband Al Roker, weather anchor for the NBC “Today” show, and their two children, Leila and Nicholas. RunMobile sat down with her to chat about what’s on her phone(s) these days.

What smartphone do you use?

The iPhone 5.  It takes a long time to load. It makes me wish for my flip phone again. I also have a Blackberry Bold and use both phones.

What’s On Your Phone? Deborah RobertsWhat apps do you use most often and why?

I’m so excited about Uber, a car service app. If you live in New York, you know that being able to get a car anytime instead of the subway is so nice. Say I’m having lunch with a friend and it’s starting to rain and I want to get a car, I just go on the website and signal a car. I just got it and I’m looking forward to it.

I love the [FlightTrack Pro] airports app because I travel a lot. I can be in any airport and plug in my flight number, and it’ll tell me if my flight is on time. That’s so nice for me.

I use Flashlight, which literally is a flashlight. You’re in a dark movie theater or a restaurant and you can read your menu. That’s great for me.

I’m starting to [use more apps]. My assistant used Open Table for me the other day to book a restaurant reservation. I tend to be a little bit more old-school and will just call the restaurant.

This probably isn’t going to surprise you, but I don’t use the Weather app.  I kind of know someone in the weather department (husband Al Roker). I ask him about the weather, if the weather is still going to be what he forecast earlier that morning, and he’ll say, “Um, I think so,” because it’s been eight hours since he last checked it while filming the “Today” show, so it could have changed. Everyone assumes I get my weather details on a regular basis [laughs].

What’s on your screensaver?

My screensaver right now is my family – my two kids and my husband at Easter. It’s usually my kids, us on vacation. This one is us in Puerto Rico for spring break.

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