We asked Kostis Mamassis ,CEO and founder of Megaventory, a few questions about his company and view of the markets they serve.

GetApp: Who are you and what is your role in the company?

I am the CEO and founder of Megaventory. As the CEO I am involved in all aspects of running a company, from software development, business development, customer support and all day-to-day needs!

GetApp: Are you a Cloud or a Software-as-a-Service company?

We are a Software-as-a-Service company from day one.

GetApp: How do you use and promote usage of Cloud Computing?

Megaventory heavily relies on the advances in Cloud Computing in order to offer its clients the best possible experience and infrastructure. One of the main advantages of Megaventory is its out-of-the-box support of multi-location businesses and this is achieved by working exclusively and 100% via the browser.

In practical terms, we have a strong online presence in most relevant social media – such as Twitter, Quora, LinkedIn etc – and in particular in the discussions involving the cloud and its applications. In addition to this we maintain a blog about developments in the industry at http://blog.megaventory.com and occasionally attend relevant events.

GetApp: What are the points of difference of your solutions?

Megaventory is proud to offer a solution that combines a rich set of features that can easily cover the needs of a small or medium business in need of an ERP. At the same time, our solution is one of the most best in the market in terms of the time it takes to familiarise oneself with it and usability. Finally, this is all combined with a very competitive and cost-effective pricing policy easily offering the best value for money available.

GetApp: Why do your customers buy from you?

We offer many features but don’t overwhelm the user with too many choices or a confusing interface. We’re easy to learn without the need to follow extensive tutorials or attend lengthy seminars. We offer technical support especially in the initial transition period during which the account is set up. Finally, all that comes at a very competitive price making Megaventory easily the best value money can buy.

GetApp: Can you mention some of your key clients?

Some of the key accounts range from – very recently – Groupon Middle East, St. Andrews University to US army contractors. Another significant type of client is of course the small office/home business owner whom we help substantially by supporting their day to day operations equally effectively with the larger clients.

GetApp: What do you see as the key trend emerging in the industry?

The most important trend – and one which we have already invested and are continuing to invest upon – is the improvement in usability of enterprise software. In particular, we’ve been noticing a trend in the previous months by which business services online are becoming more and more “consumerized” – and by that we mean as easy and appealing to use as consumer services, such as Gmail and Facebook. Employees are ‘trained’ to use, love and adopt the better designed, better optimised services and that’s a trend that can cure one of the main problems in the ERP industry: implementations that fail to actually be adopted by their users.

GetApp: What is THE most important message you feel you should get across to someone considering buying your solutions?

To those just entering the beautiful world of ERP via Megaventory it’s important to remember that although it may seem to add an overhead to your everyday work in the beginning, the best practices already baked into an ERP solution will actually save you time and money and is definitely worth it. In other words you will be able to focus on what is really important in managing your operations that’s especially true if you’re currently struggling with spreadsheets or even worse with pen and paper!

To those already familiar with the benefits of an ERP solution, switching to Megaventory will allow you to reap practically all the advantages of your existing solution but with the added bonus of a much more usable package. Megaventory is bound to be adopted and embraced by your employees while at the same allow you to be more efficient and reduce the costs associated with your operations.